Monday, 2 September 2013


Northampton Borough Council: NORTHAMPTON BOROUGH COUNCIL V MS NGOZI A. GODWELL ...: NORTHAMPTON BOROUGH COUNCIL  V  MS NGOZI A. GODWELL  Claim No.3NN00551 ISLAMABAD, Feb 20: The Senate on Monday unanimously passe...

who went to the hospital
only to be released
and get enslaved all over again
its a scourge, a slow death.

Every action has a reaction, but I refused to let myself die.
I do admit I made some mistakes and so did Nelson Mandela. What next?
Blame him for standing up and spending 18 years in prison?

I am a person, with feelings not a puppet to be pulled and pushed, because I am black and a woman, who is on her own. Yes, I do blame myself what was I doing bringing my child here to Northamptonshire, where there are towns throughout the UK, which ARE proactive and full of opportunities.  The hate, is the worse bit.

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World Healing ~ World Peace


#Water no get enemy. The sounds and the words fill my heart with more joy. Pure love! Even now when I feel sadness remembering not what is done to me, but my child. No matter how one tries to paint this a group of haters took my child. Reading the latest round of court papers, is difficult. They have got away with their hate for so long, they are brainwashed into believing that their behaviour is OK.
When they say they want me to change my behaviour, what they mean, is they want me to be controlled and be a true victim. Simply a case of, you messed with us, we took your child and get out. No can do. I am going to  fight my  eviction, but I am doing things differently, because I do not believe in justice anymore. Justice is nothing more than a F word.

To all those who harmed me, my child and my family may all you did come back on you.

I am a victim of racial harassment and the secret family court system. 

Circuit Bench Retirement – Stephen Phillip Waine

I did complain to the judge that my child says she now knows what wickedness is. He retorted and now Ms Godwell you will learn too. #Wate Nr no get enemy - Yes, I now do know ...

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