Kirk Franklin - I Smile

Kirk Franklin - I Smile

Tip: Do not smile with the Judges or professionals who have abused you, they will just believe it is OK to continue to do so. To them all you are is a game; whilst they live with their 'nice' families in their 'nice' little houses.  At the end of the working day, you mean nothing to them.  

When dealing with your local establishment, they are all one big department. The European Court Of Human Rights directs, that by the time you do make a complaint to them, friendship is over.
Oh and by the way stop shaking their hands also.  You are not on their payroll and you are not their mate. Bad arse lawyers do not dance with those whom they fight against. 

Also of the prime importance, the establishment use children as easy targets to brain-wash, you are not a child.

All this being written, SMILE, because each day is a new day and the sky is bright, because you are alive. By the way I am not religious, I am just me! 

For me listening to all types of music is a great source of happiness. I do also find gospel music empowering compared to listening to bad, lazy or unfair judge. Sadly, there are some judges who are all three. Always keep the faith!

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  1. Yesterday I did find out for a number of years I have been living on approx £400.00 per month, whilst fighting for justice. Whilst my abusers have top salaries. Not to mention the fact that my child's foster carers earn not less than £50.000 for keeping my child. They ALL have been making money ...

    I ate, slept and managed to clothes myself on top of all the abuses bestowed on my person and I did not crumble. Whilst the people who harmed me look like they need to be sectioned for real, hence me not being better!