Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's A London Thing

It's A London Thing' Not To Go Down, Without A Fight

When I was going to live in North Carolina my late brother visited in the early hour before my flight. We had a brilliant time together. He said to me:

 "Sis when the Klux Klux Klan come and get you, I know my big sister will not let me down and not go down without a fight."

If any person has witnessed me laugh at my own jokes, you can imagine what my brother looked and sounded like as he laughed at his own joke. I was not laughing, because I was going to the states by myself on another adventure, but I could not help but grin as I enjoyed seeing my brother have so much fun.

My late brother picked the wrong place. Who was to know the Klu Klux Klan is alive, well and kicking within the #UK. Welcome to Northampton town, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom..

 My late brother on that wonderful day, a few hours before my departure to North Carolina. I lived in the states for almost a year and had a brilliant time. My late brother would call me weekly, whilst I was living in Raleigh to make sure I did return to the UK.

 The OKe Club Paper In Remembrance Of #Okezie.

 Former BBC One DJ Spoony David Deckhams No. 1 DJ and MC DT with myself, Okezie's sister ((◕‿.◕))

I did stop producing the magazine, because the magazine subscribers grew too be big for me to handle. I should have catered to a smaller #fan base, not the whole of #Northampton town. Many a time members of the #public in Northampton would call me out in the street, to complain that you are that woman who used to run that magazine and why did I stop?
I then felt as if I had let them down. At other times I was informed the local body were not happy that I am filling a gap in the local community

It's a '#London thing' not to go down, without a fight! Most of the major protests happen in London. Our academic institutions are serious contenders across the world and I am a graduate of Middlesex Uinversity (Trent Park). The local establishment must have believed, due to the  colour of my skin, coupled with the fact nobody knew anything about me, I must have fell from the sky instead of their normal stereotypical view of coming here in a banana boat. I was just an easy target, because I am on my own believed the best way to shut me up, is kidnap my child and abuse me.

Northamptonshire Local Body now understand's fully ... Don't abduct a child belonging to a Londoner who has African blood sweeping through their vain's and is a woman! All that will happen is that she will bring the town down to it's knees as the corruption crumbles around them. 

I cannot wait to start on my new blog about the Independent Review Officer. This one will be of the essence, because I know parents in Facebook groups are already sharing their horror stories. My new blog will just confirm that they are not alone and reveal just how social services do use those officers to help bury the wrong-doings of failing local councils and cut out the.parents from their children's lives who are in care,based assumptions based on a balance of probabilities. Most care proceedings come under the doctrine of Public Law; which means wrong-doings of a public body. Now do the maths!

Time to bow out from this page with this music video ...


  1. I am the person they refer to in the song as 'Pierrot'. I advised them to refer to themselves as the Master Of Ceremonies instead of MC's when selling their brand to a wider audience. Then they got to No 1 in the music charts.

    Click on the Link about MC DT..

  2. Northamptonshire police force were not to know that when they abducted my child, they had opened up a time bomb; which swept up and down the country and then went global.

    So I guess we owe this force a big thanks ((◕‿.◕))