Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Michael Ellis, Member of Parliament for Northampton North

Michael Ellis, Member of Parliament for Northampton North

Michael Ellis MP: Today I call his office, I initially spoke to Danny. All I want is an appointment and they made it clear they are not going to give me the date of next surgery run by the MP.  They are saying that Michael has done so much to help me. 
Was I asleep?

Of prime importance, is the fact that they state that they have 65,000 constituents that need their help. I point out that this must be happening on a regular basis, the removal of children, out of spite. I receive no response, just silence.. I am also 1 person out of the 65.000 and Michael has done nothing for me.

Sally Kebble's name was brought up. Danny then asked me if I am aware that Mrs Kebble is standing again for re-election?
I respond with a yes and informed him how I did find out.  I am also asked if I will vote for her?
I state that this is of no relevance. Danny is none to pleased. Danny, then slates Kebble.  Included in that slating is the fact that she attended one of the most prestigious  colleges in London; whilst Michael schooled in Northamptonshire (not sure what this has to do with the price of fish). I point out that she also has a number of degrees, went to university in South Africa too. Her experience and skills are not refutable.  She also has a degree in sociology, meaning she believes in the hands on approach; whilst representing the community. Better still Kebble campaigned with the people, came to represent the people and then placed her children in a state school in Northampton. 

Her aim was to be part of the community and understand how the community does work, what did Michael do?

I also point out the real meaning of being an MP and Kebble ticks all the boxes. Why do you think, she is standing again?
Because the community want her back!
Danny hated what I said, as a result of this observe conversation go downhill, as it became 'defend Michael and rubbish Kebble'. Not on my patch, I am here to arrange an appointment! It appeared that he was trying to brainwash me into voting for Michael. Do I look like a 10 year old abducted by the council and abused; whilst in their care?

I proceed to use the opportunity to really get my 2 pence worth in >>>> Having an MP on TV every 10 minutes discussing issues not to do with his community does not make a happy community. I have also done my research about the two people in question. The people of Northampton are what counts.. Michael Ellis is not about the community. I ask the question how was Michael elected to be an MP in the first instance? (omitting the fact that I already do know). Danny filled me in, I got bored, I interject by stating the reason why Michael Ellis MP invited Prince Charles to Northampton is to secure more votes. 

I remind him about how Ellis attempted to get me sectioned, because I asked about his role in Public Law cases in reference to child care proceedings. (Ellis has my email asking him why he did what he did. IPCC said it was not them. Ellis ignored me, so have a guess!) 

Danny had the nerve to say Ellis deals with all my emails. I ask him how many, no response.  He then puts the same question to me. I remain silent, Danny starts to laugh saying I do not even know. I leave him to have his laugh, I respond with, not less than 50. No more laughing!

What I do find fascinating is how the team kept on putting down the telephone when I did call back I am told that I am NOW BOTHERING them. I said good, I have just recorded that. When I am not bothering you, you do nothing and now that I am bothering you my name will stick!

Danny also has the nerve to tell me that I will never get the result I want. Told him tough, if he wants to believe this, because RIP Lawrence mother went on for 18 years. He said my case is the not the same, this is why she won.  I explained how my case is exactly the same. My case is to do with racial harassment  The only difference is one child is dead and the other is alive. So why should I complain about my measly four years. I go on further by stating that when R.I.P Lawrence did win, indeed it was not a win, because her child remained dead. I told Danny not to bother chatting about the matters when you do not have a clue. Institutional racism!

By then, I remembered the initial point of my call, but too late, he whined that they had spent 20 minutes on my call, said goodbye and placed the receiver down. What a cheek. I call back to prove that there is no way I am allowing people like them to surround me in their negativity. This worked, not one drop of sweat left my forehead!  I am not being bullied by them.

Michael Ellis MP is a Public Law Barrister  ... when I first met this MP I told him I knew. From then on, he kept his distance, why?

I made this fact clear, I want Michael Ellis MP to resign. I am told that I must put this in writing directly to him, only. ...  

I made the direct request for a PUBLIC INQUIRY and this is what I got. What an insult to my child and I.  I did highlight this fact to Michael Ellis MP

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

David Kennedy Chief Executive At Northampton Borough Council - United Kingdom

David Kennedy Chief Executive At Northampton Borough Council 

By Promoting Institutional Racism Northampton Borough Council Is Keeping African Black British Children In Foster Care 

If I am not blunt, some people may believe that my blogs are an advert, promoting the people I am complaining about. They are not.

One thing is for sure, by promoting racism Northampton Borough Council DOES place black children in care. If you are a black single parent household, you will stand no chance against their brutality.  This is just a summation as to how  Northampton Borough Council  arranges to have black girls taken into care.  

Your children are at risk!