Thursday, 5 September 2013

Northamptonshire Police

Northamptonshire Police

Today is Friday (amended) 6th September 2013 and I can safely report that Northamptonshire police force DID depose of ALL the evidence collected from the offender on the night of  my attempted murder. Dean Jarvis is walking free and enjoying life.  This man reports that he is now on medication. Yet is able to wake up and go to work everyday; whilst no person will employ me, because Northamptonshire police force made sure I am unemployable.. By placing miscellaneous on my criminal record means, my so-called conviction could range from child rape to murder and by sectioning me on two occasions is a clear siren not to employ me.  Now if I had an axe, non black and attempted to kill with the axe, my story would have a happy ending. Or better still I decided to throw bricks in windows the force would have joined in with me chanting 'nice one'.

I did make a complaint about DOGS the police go into overdrive. DOGS for God's sake. Then I am asked if I am willing to be a witness and give evidence in court if necessary. Yes, you did read correctly!.

The day before yesterday I receive a threat.  I am told if I keep on with what I am doing they will keep my child until the maximum period,whenever this is. I did not say a word. But now here is my reply, fair enough!

Now look, in 2008 a man walked into my police cell wearing a special belt and informed me he is going to now promote my human rights and I am sectioned shorty afterward.  

Fast forward 2013, up to this date NOT one cheque is delivered to me in the form of compensation for what THEY have put me through.

When they threw me in that hospital all they were doing was threatening me, just like the first time. CPN Lorraine Duffy, spent more time attempting to brainwash me during my follow-up appointment. You should have heard her the police say this and social services say that. My follow-up is not about them, my follow-up is supposed to be about me. Yes, the last stick on label in the train, attempted to stick a label on me also, by placing me in a box. But come Monday they too will have clarified in writing they have closed my file.

When axe man was unable to kill me, then was arrested a black car parked outside the house for ages,with the front lights on. Stayed there for ages. Was the car parked outside to make sure that I am safe or were the occupants crying inside, because I whooped the backside of the axeman?

In October 2008 I  gave the police opportunity to carry out their plan to abduct my child. Jarvis is now saying that I said he sold my child to paedophiles. He did not say he did not... The Madeline McCann story, was told to me when my child was abducted and now Jarvis makes this comment I am now starting to wonder....

The people in my neighbourhood were vigilantes.  I also left the door wide open for them to put their plan into action.  When I make mistakes, I admit them, but not Northamptonshire police force, Northamptonshire County Council or Northampton Borough Council. 

When I read 'Ms Godwell refuses to coooprate or engage' I note the missing words; which are: 'whilst we are abusing her'. By the way cooperation is prior not after the abduction of your only child. Cooperation works two ways, not one.  This is EXACTLY what is meant, I am refusing to be bullied. 

Do you really want to know what they did to me from Friday 10th May 2013?
They threatened me and put me in a house with insane people and said there is your new home. This what they did do me..

Then they let me out and have been abusing me ever since. Just like they did in 2008.  When they write to you stating that there is no conspiracy and you made no mention of the word 'conspiracy', then it is a conspiracy. 

Not one person is sacked for what is done to my child and I, nor one judge investigated. Those facts say it all. Any of you seen my child lately?

Today is Friday 6th September 2013, my beef is not with Jarvis, he wants to commit suicide  I will not interfere. That is what happens when you plan murder, fail in the act, the police help you cover your crime and everyday you see the ghost of the woman who you did attempt to kill. The difference is, I am not a ghost and Jarvis is unable to look me in the eye. To think that there was more than one person in my home that fateful night and the police let them all go, intentionally. There is no need for me to continue swallowing my pride. Fact that Jarvis keeps talking about committing suicide. Classic, if I was murdered the police would have wrote suicide. Maybe the police should locate where they dumped the axe, give the axe to Jarvis saying, there you go! 

At no stage did I attempt to cause Jarvis harm. I used the iron bar to save my life. I was well within my rights to not only use the bar as the stop gap between the axe and my head ....

Jarvis did not break into my home to threaten, me. The axe coming down on my head, numerous occasions was to kill me. 
Or did I miss something in his other hand he was carrying doughnuts to share with me and I misunderstood the whole event?

As I stated within the contents of a previous post a lawyer did her digging and found out the police did let Jarvis go. He stood in court for affray not expecting me to turn up just like the police planned it.

All  those mentally ill people wandering around Northampton town, yes they made complaints all right and that was their punishment sectioned and medicated. Everyday I go into town that is my warning from the local establishment;. I intend to go down fighting, I believe my time is up, because I have had enough, so they can do what they choose.


  1. They did not even take care of my child. They abused her. In the 6 months I did not see my child, they abuse her and I am not forgiving this fact.

  2. On the night of my attempted murder, why did the police not take the iron bar also?
    Jarvis's finger prints were all over the bar.