Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Attempted Murder

My Attempted Murder And The Cover-up By Northamptonshire Police Force

Some time after my attempted murder, I was so happy to be alive that I reported something that happened to me a long time ago. Northamptonshire police force were happy to record the incident.  Then not too long after two officers came to my home to collect a WITNESS STATEMENT from me.  There was no appropriate adult in tow; whilst I gave my statement. Those who followed me on Twitter will be aware of the type of crime I do write about.

The officers who collected my detailed statement were fantastic. I was not in the right place to previously report the crime. The two officers who did collect my statement were the right people to do so.

When the officers left, a short while after I was contacted by the Crime Unit and given a unique Crime Number. The Detective went out of her way to make contact with me and for this I will be eternally grateful. All those involved were brilliant, so much so when I asked for the case to be transferred  to London where the crime did take place, the Detective overseeing the investigation was happy to do so.

At the time I did not say, Northamptonshire Police Force  cannot be trusted not to mess up this very serious investigation...

See the point I am making?
I thought I will leave the best till last.

I refuse to stoop to the same level of Northamptonshire Police Force and join in with the name calling; which they have done to me for all those years.  I refuse to name call the local establishment, who thrive on mistake after mistake; which leads to corruption. Let me put it this way I am not appreciating the customer service that they are now giving me without compensating me for what I have been put through. The local establishment ABUSED me and there in no point arguing about this. What is done is done. I will keep fighting if not Northamptonshire Police Force will next write all is forgiven, no it is not! What they did and are doing is NOT OK!

Northamptonshire Police

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