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My Statement

Ngai-Leslie Scott, "yes, that's what's up!

Article 3: Prohibit of Torture (1998)

If I understand correctly, then officers from this force were involved in the removal of your daughter into protected care. Northamptonshire Police will refute any allegation of collusion and that the issues surrounding your daughter have gone through the due legal process."
~ Date 23-JUN-13, Det Constable 505 Otis Goldsmith, Command Support Team Officer|
~ Date 23-JUN-13, Det Constable 505 Otis Goldsmith, Command Support Team Officer|

So there you do have it. That is what my family matter was about. Nothing to do with my child. All falls into place, now. As His Honour Judge Rumbelow did state on 14th May 2014 .Your child has accepted that she is never coming back to you, and you refuse to accept this.

Written when my child was fourteen. As usual I was not present when my child decided to write her card; which she delivered to me by hand. 
I did ask the Judge what did change?
 I receive no response.

This blog is now officially closed.
Here it all is, their own documents, telling the story how it is, not how they choose to tell it. Commonly referred to as real journalism. The whole point of a gagging order is to prevent inaccurate reporting. This blog is so real, it is visual as if you are watching a film. I did not sign any piece of paper stating that I will not upload their own documentation to reveal their own wrong doing. I did not enter into any contract with them.

Of course the story is not over. The end will only occur when I am happy with the ending.. You have heard the saying, 'it is not over until the fat lady sings'?

It *may* start as genuine errors, but soon turns into a cover-up, because top people look away.


Northamptonshire County Council   Applicant


Ngosi Angeline Godwell (1) First Respondent


[My child's name] Godwell (2) Second Respondent

Not a typing error, when I brought the issue up in Court ALL remained silent and to prove the point when the Judge made another order he instructed the local body to sign the committal application and nothing else. They do just that using a processor to serve me.  What I do not understand, normally a coverup occurs before exposure, in this case they are exposed, so why all this: whilst using millions of taxpayers money to do so and they still get paid? Unless it, is because my child and I are black and they really do hate us. Now is my child's informative years and they ALL are aware of this fact.

Ngozi Godwell EXHIBIT 1 - Committal to prison 07/05/2014

EXHIBIT 2 - Committal to prison 07/05/2014
Here is my child running along the street. I am her mother and I am running being her, chasing my child! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, my child has clothes on!

Northampton County Court Family Proceedings EXHIBIT 3 - Committal to ‪#‎prison‬ 07/05/2014 
The difference between I and the general population of Northamptonshire is that they have never lived anywhere else. Northampton is all they know. This is the only place the know, nothing else. I have lived in other countries and I am bred, raised in London. @NgoziGodwell 
The Perpetrators. EXHIBIT 4 - Committal to ‪#‎prison‬07/05/2014
 Northamptonshire Police Force Condemned For The Way A Frantic 999 call from a Petrified Teenager

Within the contents of his judgment HHJ Anthony Rumbelow did write that my child's father is Chinese, why and what has that got to do with anything?

Is this to do with the above article, using race and personal ties as an excuse to force me to remove the article from the internet. Have the local body approached other mainstream outlets to remove any reference to murder of the Chinese family?

I will ask again, this time publicly, what has Dr Bala Mahendra (Barrister) got to do with this? 
What right did he have to make reference to my child?Of the prime importance, Who is he?
This man is not affiliated to the NHS under the Mental Health Act. 
Did family court expert Dr B Mahendra commit suicide? 

This woman knows what she is talking about.

Be happy, stay strong and bye bye!
Thank you all for reading my blog.
Copyright Godwell 2014

There is a disclaimer already attached to this blog.
I did not give Northamptonshire local body permission to print off my blog and share with 3rd Parties without my prior consent.

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Lawyer Asad & His Blog!: The Boy & the Angel

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Family Law Case Number NN13P00882 Godwell vs Northamptonshire Local Authority

Family Law Case Number NN13P00882 Godwell vs Northamptonshire Local Authority

Latest Family Law News


Yet again they have typed my child's full name on the Court Order. As usual the Judge has not signed any of the Orders and of late, no name is attached to the Court Orders.

Of the prime importance, why is the Court Order typed dated 9th May 2014.
The hearing was on  Wednesday 7th May 2014 and was allocated for one day. I am told to come back on Thursday 8th May 2014,which I did do.

I inform the Court in the morning what time I must leave. I request for the matter to be adjourned till Friday. The judge refuses. I make a further request for the Monday the Judge declines. I leave,not to comeback.   

They spend the morning threatening me over a number of key points, namely about the children guardian  going to see my child the first time, there is NO evidence to say that he did. So I am saying that he did not. Then there is the issue of text messages and my websites.

Why type the Order and place that date on it?
Are they attempting to portray that there was a hearing on Friday 9th May to which I did not attend?


The copy of the application referred to in the judgment made from 16th April 2014

1. Revoke care order
2. Not to make section 91 (14) order
3. Strike out statement of case/s social worker +  Guardian Rule 4.4 FPR
4.Strike out statements by the the then District Judge Venables + HHJ Waine

I made this application after I was arrested on Thursday 17th April 2014 by a PC Ali York who when he turned up at my home I told him I am just out to file an application in reference to my family matter, he replied, I know. The police kept me locked up in a police cell for 3 days.


Private & Confidential
First Law
Northampton Office
400 Pavilion Drive,
Victoria House
Northampton Business Park
Northampton, NN4 7PA
Date: Tuesday 06th May 2014

Reference: URN 34CS/50528/13
Your Reference: LMC/SS/COURT DUTY/N
Corby Magistrates’ Court on 19th April 2014
Charge (s)
1. Persistently make use of public communications network to cause annoyance / inconvenience / anxiety (Police)
2. Breach of bail on 15th April 2014
Dear Sir / Madam
Subject: Request for information
Thank you for your letter date of 28th April 2014. I will now present to you my instructions.

I quote:
“You denied the breach, stating that at no time did you phone the police on 15th April. Unfortunately the Magistrates did not accept what you were saying, and found the breached proved.”
I may add that I was represented by your firm, who in turn did present my case to bench. I had nothing to do with the case. My presence details that I was locked up for 3 days in a police cell for making a telephone call. Why was not my telephone bill presented in the form of evidence to the Court to prove that what my representative was saying is true?
I did not do what the police said I did on that day. The only fact presented is that on the 16th April 2014 I was indeed presenting my family matter, in the Northampton County Court.

I am instructing your firm to supply directly to me the ‘reasons’ recorded by the Court of finding me guilty of the offence and my custody record.
I look forward to receiving the requested information shortly.
All items to be delivered to my home address, which is supplied at the top of this letter.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely

I did also send a copy to the director. No response. I appealed anyway,on time. No response from the Court.

Here is the letter to the school, copied to the family section and you will see the ballet event the judge does refer to.  He is not to be trusted with the welfare of children.

Ngozi A. Godwell BSc (Hons), Dip. Ind.

Private & Confidential

Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher

Date: Wednesday 26th February 2014

Reference: Tuesday 25th February 2014, Northamptonshire Police Force
Dear Madam

Subject: Chinyere Godwell DOB 05 th August 2008
This communication is to thank you for providing the high standard of education for my child and to address what did occur outside your school on Tuesday 25th February 2014.
First of all I must state that for a number of years I attempted to get my child a place in Parklands Primary School and Northampton School for Girls. Northamptonshire local body not only refused me, but did turn away the former MP North Sally Kebble when she did approach them directly. The only good thing that has come out of this gritty and sorry story is when my child was taken; my child was placed in the schools that I did want in the first place. No more will be stated on this matter, but it is best you know the truth and why I am fighting for justice. I cannot thank both schools enough for allowing my child to enjoy the level of education, which she is accustomed to. I taught my child to have a respect for learning. At all times I begged my child to throw herself into her school work; during the worst time in her life.
Northamptonshire care system is labelled one of the worst in the country. I am eternally grateful for your school being in Northampton.
Moving on, yesterday two police officers approached me; whilst I was standing outside the school gate. In a nutshell I am informed that the school called them, because the local council/social services did inform the school that there is an injunction against me written with my name on it and this is the reason the police did attend. The officer made this clear from the start, as to why they were called to the school. The whole conversations are recorded, on audio and CCTV. The officers and I were in agreement that we want to see the injunction, I waited outside the school. I trust that the school and I will be in agreement, not to drag the school into this mess. This is between
social services and I. To hoodwink the school, so the police can attend to make me look bad before the Court places no regard to the school or the pupils they do serve.
Later the officers informed me that there is no injunction, but social services now state there is an order of some sort and they had been waiting for the department to email the document this is why they did spend so long in the school.
By the time the officers did approach me again the school had not received the copy of the order. The wording in the Order is clear and in English. Why did the Kerry Wortley not send the school a copy of the injunction/order months ago?
It appears this is the route the local council have decided to take forcing the school’s hand to call the police.
My child’s social worker best reveal to the school a copy of her latest statement provided to the court. It would make the school’s toes curl. Her statements are slanderous and if the school does not take legal action against the council, I will do this. Obviously social services normally paint the school in bad light, so they can retain children in care. This is how people like Kerry Wortley earn their salary, by splitting up families and harvesting children into the care system I know the school felt safe to approach me, but once social services became fictitious to seek the result they wanted the word injunction placed a different slant on things. So she can run to Court and state that the police was called, because I was hounding children, parents and teachers seeking information about my child and being very aggressive, that the school staff were to scared to come
out and speak to me. I have a copy of her latest statement. The norm everything is done after the fact. This is the last time and I trust that the school will never have to encounter this situation again. If in doubt this woman’s statement I will send you a copy and then you will see for yourself how bad professionals keep children in care. What they tell the school and others is usually the opposite to the truth. They cannot even stand before a Judge and tell the truth, so anyone else should not expect anything more. I offer my sincere apologies for social services misleading the school. All those who have witnessed me standing outside the school is for me, just to have a glimpse of my child, not to enter into any conversation with her. My intention was and never will be to cause disruption.
Closing please be kind enough to inform my child not to worry, the police gave me a lift
home and I did arrive home safely.
Wishing you and the school all the best and I do appreciate the time you have taken to read this information.
Yours faithfully,
Mother to ****** Godwell
This show was performed in your theatre.
This was a two day event and my child appeared in two parts of the
show. Of course one was the ballet. I with other parents placed our
names down to help, behind the scenes. On my day I did have a brilliant
time and did meet some of the ushers, students from NSG and the boys
school 6th form. My child and I had even attended an event at the boys
school too. I spent plenty of time chatting with the students of your
school indeed, I was so eager to learn and every student was not only
happy with the school, but everything about them revealed that they
believe the importance of a good education is valuable and should be fun
too. After the fabulous show closed, at home I said to my child I really
like the school and my child said so do I. I asked her would she like to
study there.
She clapped her hands and said yes please.

Thank you!

 Of course as stated within the contents of the letter my child was living with me at the time. I copied others into the letter, sent just to the school,  not the Court.

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Northampton Borough Council: Ngozi Godwell

Northampton Borough Council: Ngozi Godwell: Ngozi Godwell I am Ngozi Godwell.  This Blog is about my family. By law I am entitled to tell my story and I CAN reveal my family d...

EXHIBIT 1 - Committal to prison 07/05/2014