Monday, 10 September 2012

Cause List

Northamptonshire Police Force, Northamptonshire County Council And Northampton Borough Council

1999 - 2012

Welcome To My World: These people need to give me back my child.

My advice to anyone suffering from racial abuse, living in Northampton is never to call the police. Take the law into your own hands. Many people do and not only keep their families, but stop the yobs at the same time.

I have learnt the hard way. Pick up the telephone and ask the police to help you will only lead to one thing. The death of your family. It is up to you what approach you want to take, but it is a well known fact, the police will not protect you if you are black against a group of rough neck white people. They will harm you. Ask the mother of R.I.P. Stephen Lawrence.. 

R.I.P. Godwell Family 1998 - 2008


1. Northamptonshire police force came to my home on 8th October 2008 with the sole purpose to beat up to deal with me and take my child. Then, they locked me in a police cell for 48hrs.  I was only feed once. When the food was brought into me the male police officer told me to eat the food all up, because it will be last one I am going to get. I was learnt later what he meant by that statement. Continued >>>>

(a)   The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Alan Ward. Continued >>>>
(b)   District Judge Karen Ann Venables Continued >>>>
(c)    His Honour Judge Stephen Waine Continued >>>>

(a) PC 1271 Alan Titchner Continued >>>>
(b) T/PS  1031 Martin Paul O'Connell Continued >>>>
(c) DC 269 Helen Frances Garvie Continued >>>>
(d) PO 661 Johnny Campbell Continued >>>>
(e) Forensic Investigator, Adele McAlindon Continued >>>>

Canvass On Canvass Type Art

By Felicita Luna

Copyright © 2012
Felicita Luna
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Northamptonshire Social Services

(a) Social Worker, Referral Team, Marie Sheard Continued >>>>

(b) Social Worker, Child's First Worker Laura Jane Bonner Made racist comments and then put her comments down on paper and then did not even bother to turn up for the final hearing saying she is going on holiday. Now practising in South Wigston, Leicester 
(c) Social Worker, Maxine Vivian Clark

(c) Social Worker, Mr Gregg Perry. There is a lot of have to write about this man. For now, the first time I met him, he asked me when will I go away Continued >>>>
(d) Maxine Clark


Community Victimization

(a) Court Witness, Diane Helen Morrell (Had all her three children taken into care. ) 
Continued >>>>

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