Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Abduction Of My Child Was A Calculated Affair

The Abduction Of My Child Was A Calculated Affair

This is the document the local body have spent considerable time to bury https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8V8xbZqgNheRk1qWVNSc1dyWm8/edit?usp=sharing
Obviously when I did present this to Northampton Borough Council for the second time, the first when they took my child and the second after my attempted murder, the council did not know what to do. Then they had a brainstorm blame, Ms Godwell.

The police are unwilling to deal with the matter. Well they did allow Dean Jarvis to get away with the crime. I did not contact the IPCC. Why?
The IPCC have already directed me to the High Court about a previous their voice had been heard. There is corruption in the force, the police refuse to admit that my case is one of them. The voice of the IPCC has spoken, but they pretend that they do not know, as they try to save their jobs.

On 24th February 2013 I contact this man out of curiosity onlyUp to now this man has not explained why he wrote to me, because I did not contact the police. Neither did he advise me of the outcome, he refused to. These people are so rude. Also why are they behaving in this fashion when they let Jarvis and everybody else go? Now can you all understand why I say the police and council were causing criminal damage to my home and involved in my attempted murder. 

At every turn they did nothing apart from abuse me.
Please look at the addresser details, this is where they lock people up. The police took me there on the 10th May 2013 with the sole intention of having me locked up. 

All the police were required to do was for once do right by me and deal with Dean Jarvis, by sending him to prison or sectioning him. Even if they let the others go, he was carrying the axe. There would have been the happy ending and Northamptonshire police force would have come out looking the hero after so many mistakes.  But no, they would rather discriminate instead. What an insult!

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