Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Scam Is Unfolding

The truth is now coming out.  The reason for all this nonsense is that Northamptonshire County Council is fully aware that they had no right doing what they did.  Today the Mental Health Team came to my home and informed me if I use their service they would help me with contact with my child, but no mention as to when my child is being returned to me.

The scam is unfolding.. This is why His Honour Judge Waine kept on refusing ALL my application, ignored the judgment of a higher court and the European Court of Human Rights.  He is intent on finding of the facts and he does not care how long this takes . He made it clear has no interest with my child and I too will be learning about wickedness.

This is the documentation His Honour Judge Waine sent the Home Office. The Home Office wanted no part of this nonsense.  This is His Honours Waine’s handwriting

Hence, this judge making orders without either parties any applications and then finally making an Order preventing me making further application until March 2012.  Starting to make sense now?

His Honour Judge Waine wrote the Home Office stating that I have mental health problems.  Based on what evidence none knows.  Later he denies any knowledge of the documentation and submission, in writing.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ngozi Godwell

Ngozi Godwell

I am Ngozi Godwell.  This Blog is about my family.

By law I am entitled to tell my story and I CAN reveal my family depending on the nature of the case. If Northamptonshire County Council do not like it, then they need to take the Order and run to the European Court of Human Rights.  I got there first and the council unduly ignored my accepted application.  The council also ignored the Judgment telling them if I want my only child back I am entitled to have my child back or if I do not want my child back I am entitled to contact defined under the Children Act.  So be it.
For over two years the Council have been smashing my windows to make me nervous in an attempt to make me crack.  On 21st February 2012 Mrs Victoria Coleman informed me that the Council will continue to abuse me to justify their jobs.  Fair enough!

No one can understand why the Lordship sent me back to my family's abusers and told them to promote justice. Notwithstanding, the Lordship wrote his instructions and the Council and its affiliates ignored his instructions. 
So what is a mother supposed to do?
If my child is alive one day she will come and find me.  Then I will help her sue the backside off those people.  This is the only reason they are doing their best to section, DAMAGES!

"We shall not overcome any form of oppression by succumbing to it, by welcoming it in, and laying down on the floor, and telling the oppressor the axe is behind the fridge. Get off the floor, and FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL!!! This is it folks, dont accept any more lies."
28th March 2012

Written on 23rd March 2012

Photo taken this morning when I opened my curtains.

I am here...
Yesterday it was made clear to me, that I am to continue with my works and I will have a team to support me with Stress it was I who overturned the eviction ...notice, but the issue is that the council did fail me and the system has failed my child and I. I have done well and we all are going to keep it this way.

I had many top people in my home yesterday, you could tell by the amount of expensive cars parked outside my home. I had the Psychiatrist who assessed me in the month of October 2008 in my home also. Later I put my arms around him, rested my head on his shoulder, then stood back and told him he has lost weight. He grinned and said he has lost weight, because of stress.

I will continue with my cause, as they all put it, I have sufficient legal knowledge to complete my cases in the courts. They do not want me to be stressed and to be there to help me achieve my goals for my own life; which is to live in a peaceful environment, eventually work in mental health and this goes without saying have my child back with me. I told them I want to train as a paralegal, not online, but to attend college. The PHD can take a back seat for now.

Unannounced the mental health support worker and a Dr have just left my home. The Dr is instructed by the top Psychiatrist and is part of his team, she works directly under him. The health worker's eyes are shining through out. She tells me she is grinning and has been grinning from the time they entered my home. Imagine Ngozi observing through her window cars, pulling up, police officers and others. All suited and booted coming to stand by the wall outside her house.
All I will write about this for now, is run, garden and over the fence.

The last time I saw my child was 16th December 2011 and her social worker forgot to arrange the last contact date, so there was no contact.

I will be back on Monday filing in all the Courts, the difference this time is the word ‘damages’. I will deal with the ECHR in the form of case study leading to my paralegal training.

I am happy, I am really happy.
Today, 28th March 2012  it is made clear to me that the establishment will smash into my home anytime they please. Keep on with the abuse, because I am not your victim.  We are victims of racial abuse and the manner the Council is promoting my well-being, in short, I do not consent to this.

Update on 12th November 2012

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Please help me and others who have come to rely on Parents Rights Blog by donating what ever you can, nothing is too small. Thank you.

My heart and prayers go out to all those who will be alone this Christmas or without the children or parents they do love.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Champions Aren't Made In Gyms 

           "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill."
Muhammad Ali

Monday, 19 March 2012

Trampling On My Human Rights

Trampling On My Human Rights

Yes, my skin colour is black and I am educated, but guess what?
I am not a minority.

Once a housing officer turned his back on me and said: ‘the nigga should go back to London’.  This was after my door had been kicked in by the brother of a transvestite.  The siblings were both alcoholics and in a violent sexual relationship, with each other.
Prior to moving into the property, I knew there was something not just right. The other residence greeted me with open arms.  I started a petition to get the council to clean up the communal areas and the residence all signed and were eager for me to move in.  
I followed my instinct and called Social Services to investigate and made a request for them to attend the property with me, because my landlord made it clear if I did not move in I will never receive any more housing offers. I was thinking about my child. Social Services declined any input, so I moved in and 6 hours later the neighbours and the police had to rescue me, with my baby hidden under my coat.
My door was being kicked in as I was being called racially offensive names.  I went to the window screaming for help, then I heard fighting outside my door and the residence rescued me. The residence and the police made it quite clear that the flat was a hot zone and placing a mother and child, to live opposite the fighting couple, was a no go situation.   When I asked the residence why they did not warn me, they explained that I am the first person who was interested in their views and through me they had hope. From that day on the council intentionally placed me in problem areas, even though a judge had warned them about this unsavoury conduct.

Who says professionals are not guilty of racism?
In Northampton town Londoners are called ‘overspill’.  The Londoners I know who came to live in Northampton did so to work and be productive, we are not overspilling.  


Trampling On My Human Rights learning from the past and embracing my future.

I came to live in Northampton town believing that my ethnicity or colour will not be used against me. I have lived and travelled to other countries.  I am bred, raised and educated in London. I have lost count as too how many times I have been told: get out and go back to London or called a refugee.  My child and I have been called other names too.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

UK secret family courts and the NOT so expert witnesses

UK secret family courts and the NOT so expert witnesses
Tell me about it!
Sorry video is no longer available, below is another one

Society and Culture

How competent are expert witnesses?

After the death penalty the most draconian act that the state can do is remove a family's child.

Nigel Priestly, lawyer

Channel 4 News uncovered serious areas of concern with both psychiatrists and paediatricians as well as play therapists and others providing expert services to the family courts.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Children taken under suspicious circumstances

Children taken under suspicious circumstances require permanent placements with foster parents


Innocent Children Losing Loving Parents.


District Judge Karen Ann Venables

District Judge Karen Ann Venables

The final hearing was on 2nd November 2009 and the judgement was made on 6th November 2009. 
When my child was with me the windows had never been smashed.  A couple of days before the start of the hearing my windows were smashed. I took this photograph to Court and gave it to  District Judge Karen Ann Venables. Whilst the judge held the photograph in her hands, I accused the county council and it’s agents of smashing my windows to prevent me from attending the hearing.

From that day on, my windows were smashed on a regular basis and the police did nothing. Then, one day I sent an email to Mr David Kennedy who is supposed to be my landord and copy sent to the police making it clear it was them who were organising for my windows to be smashed as with strangers shouting me out on the street, because they did nothing.  The same week I sent the email is the week my windows were never smashed again.   The person who through paint on the wall left so much evidence behind, but Northamptonshire police force refused to collect it.
So how did one catch the offender?
Streets & Environmental Division

My Only Child’s Diary

My Only Child’s Diary
The difference between I and the general population of Northamptonshire is that they have never lived anywhere else. Northampton is all they know.  This is the only place the know, nothing else.  I have lived in other countries and I am bred, raised in London.

My Only Child’s Diary

Mother cleared of child cruelty

Here is my child running along the street. I am her mother and I am running being her, chasing my child!  Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, my child  has clothes on!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Northamptonshire Police Force Condemned

Northamptonshire Police Force Condemned For The Way A Frantic 999 call from a Petrified Teenager

The Perpetrators.

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My child is now in foster care.

This is what Northamptonshire local authority call a child protection issue.

I hope by now my dear readers that you have come to understand that when they took my child social services trampled on her intentionally.  Northamptonshire social services have done nothing to keep my family together instead they destroyed my family enjoying themselves; whilst they were doing it.  With the full backup of my Landlords, labelling themselves as an authority.