Sunday, 8 September 2013

His Hon Judge Richard Winston Atherton Bray

His Hon Judge Richard Winston Atherton Bray

Short Bio His Hon Judge Richard Bray

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called to the Bar Middle Temple 1970recorder Midland & Oxford circuit 1987-93circuit judge (Midland & Oxford Circuit1993 -

I mentioned dear old Judge Bray, who told Northampton Crown Court that
“I am well aware that there is overcrowding in the prison and detention centres. That is not going to prevent me from passing proper sentences in each case,” he said.”The reason our prisons are full to overcrowding, and have been for years, is because judges can no longer pass deterrent sentences.”
The news story would be, I think, as anyone who’s familiar with Judge Bray’s practice when making his sentencing remarks would confirm, if he hadn’t taken the opportunity to complain both about politicians trying to meddle in sentencing practice or about the Court of Appeal — with whom he’s had several run-ins — not letting him send people to prison for as long as he’d like.

HHJ Judge Bray will be hearing my case on Monday 16th September 2013. 

I wonder if HHJ Bray have ever done gardening in a deep African rural village,  commonly known as farming. When I told the now HHJ Karen Venables my family sometimes are unclothed in our house, she said this is not how we behave over here. Actually she is mistaken some white people do the same thing too. My case is dripping with open and direct discrimination promoted by the people who should know better.

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