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It's A London Thing

It's A London Thing' Not To Go Down, Without A Fight

When I was going to live in North Carolina my late brother visited in the early hour before my flight. We had a brilliant time together. He said to me:

 "Sis when the Klux Klux Klan come and get you, I know my big sister will not let me down and not go down without a fight."

If any person has witnessed me laugh at my own jokes, you can imagine what my brother looked and sounded like as he laughed at his own joke. I was not laughing, because I was going to the states by myself on another adventure, but I could not help but grin as I enjoyed seeing my brother have so much fun.

My late brother picked the wrong place. Who was to know the Klu Klux Klan is alive, well and kicking within the #UK. Welcome to Northampton town, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom..

 My late brother on that wonderful day, a few hours before my departure to North Carolina. I lived in the states for almost a year and had a brilliant time. My late brother would call me weekly, whilst I was living in Raleigh to make sure I did return to the UK.

 The OKe Club Paper In Remembrance Of #Okezie.

 Former BBC One DJ Spoony David Deckhams No. 1 DJ and MC DT with myself, Okezie's sister ((◕‿.◕))

I did stop producing the magazine, because the magazine subscribers grew too be big for me to handle. I should have catered to a smaller #fan base, not the whole of #Northampton town. Many a time members of the #public in Northampton would call me out in the street, to complain that you are that woman who used to run that magazine and why did I stop?
I then felt as if I had let them down. At other times I was informed the local body were not happy that I am filling a gap in the local community

It's a '#London thing' not to go down, without a fight! Most of the major protests happen in London. Our academic institutions are serious contenders across the world and I am a graduate of Middlesex Uinversity (Trent Park). The local establishment must have believed, due to the  colour of my skin, coupled with the fact nobody knew anything about me, I must have fell from the sky instead of their normal stereotypical view of coming here in a banana boat. I was just an easy target, because I am on my own believed the best way to shut me up, is kidnap my child and abuse me.

Northamptonshire Local Body now understand's fully ... Don't abduct a child belonging to a Londoner who has African blood sweeping through their vain's and is a woman! All that will happen is that she will bring the town down to it's knees as the corruption crumbles around them. 

I cannot wait to start on my new blog about the Independent Review Officer. This one will be of the essence, because I know parents in Facebook groups are already sharing their horror stories. My new blog will just confirm that they are not alone and reveal just how social services do use those officers to help bury the wrong-doings of failing local councils and cut out the.parents from their children's lives who are in care,based assumptions based on a balance of probabilities. Most care proceedings come under the doctrine of Public Law; which means wrong-doings of a public body. Now do the maths!

Time to bow out from this page with this music video ...

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Today Is Martin Luther King Day

  • RE: Private & Confidential Ngozi Godwell‏‏

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Det Constable 505 Otis Goldsmith

Dear Otis

As follows is my response. 

I quote:

"I am not unsympathetic as to your quest, and am fully aware of the process you are facing in obtaining contact with your daughter as outlined in your material posted on-line, but again regret to inform you that we cannot intervene in any judicial process on your behalf."

Sympathy is a negative force, for this reason alone to sympathise with me is a clear waste of time and reveals you are not here to help me. I want action. The only action I have seen in the last five years is a man carrying an axe to kill me. This alone speaks volumes about the hate displayed.

The police did intervene here:

The force took my child to deal with me,without a court order or warrant. The force can intervene once and can do so again. Return my child!

 By law the force should have then returned my child.

The force took my child with the sole intention of never returning my child. Instead of removing the professionals who had the nerve to gloat and spill the beans, return my child. Anyway the evidence is on the internet my child was taken, because of race hate. Otis you are mistaken all my works reveal the issue is to do with the return of my child not contact. I do not have contact with my child. What I have is a group of people who churn out racist comments doing what they do with my child and I (below highlighted in pink). When we do see, my child and I are treated with sheer control. One can smell the race hate, even when typing. That is not contact. I do not know where my child is! Control a group of white people controlling us, when yobs and their parents are free to do what they please. What does this reveal?

What judicial process is it you do refer to, there was none. On that note here is this:

The high court judge in Northampton ignored point 6. It is against the law within England and Wales to ignore the perfected judgment of a higher judge and the judge who did give judgment is not permitted to change his or her judgment once the judgment is perfected. The judicial body who investigates judges is unable to investigate His Honour Judge Stephen Waine, because this judge is now retired and disciplinary action would not be able to be actioned.  The police is the only outside body permitted to investigate. Northamptonshire police force have a duty and responsibility to investigate my complaint about the judge. As with the IPCC you have confirmed that you have accessed my websites, but you do nothing.  My family's tormentors refusing to investigate what a surprise, but they have plenty of time to abuse me and expect me to be a doormat, because I am black. I want my child back, where did I state I never have. Crack addicts and people who ARE mentally ill have their children, but I guess this has to to with race and my case is personal.

Again I quote:

"You did raise the fact that you feel we should have contacted your solicitor to discuss the matter. We have spoken to the officer in the case, PC York, and I understand that an arrangement has now been agreed with your solicitor at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors that all further correspondence, including standard bail changes, will be sent to them in the first instance."

"Please note that although this arrangement is in place for the existing case it may be that officers feel the need to visit you in response to other incidents reported to us."

"I hope this information has been of use to you and enables you to understand why you were visited to inform you of your bail conditions."

Strange how others are never visited when I make complaints. Let me not mention the FACT my family are the victims of racial harassment. The people in my neighbourhood, whom I had not seen all day smashed into my home whilst I lay asleep on my settee, then attempted  to murder me. What visits did they get?
What did the police do about this?
Join in with the abuse and refuse to take a statement from me. You refuse to touch on this issue, even though the manner in which the police did deal with the issue is on a public website; which you admit you have accessed alongside Northampton Borough Council. By the way, since when did the police start delivering 'notices seeking possession' on behalf of the council?
I sat by my window and observed two officers only, approach my home.  The police have been harassing me for years, because of my race and the IPCC have agreed with me. Basing their views on the same websites you now do refer from.

On that note, I need the police to provide to me the requested items as detailed within the contents of the following link 

As for the bail conditions and the visit what has this got to do with 'to other incidents'?
The matter is as such, I have a lawyer who receives legal aid to deal with any information concerning bail dates and conditions or I am updated when I attend the station. Not the police turning up on my doorstep to discuss change of bail dates when I have retained the service of a lawyer.  
To prove my point on 25th August 2013 the police changed my bail conditions. I did not need to attend to be re-bailed where were the police then?

Furthermore, when my life is in danger I do not see the dust of the police. For example man breaks into my home, I am a woman I whoop his backside and observe the police bending over backwards to paint this man as a hero. Fact, if I am white the treatment of I would be different. On the balance of probabilities I may have ended up in the local newspaper, because I whooped his backside and ended up calling for his mother to help him, after he and others broke into my home. 

I do also note no reference is made to O'Connell attending my home to issue me with a harassment warning after I did serve the police with court papers. Then, later coming to my home to arrest me. He had no right to come near me when his name is a key feature in my complaints about Northamptonshire police FORCE.

Another quote:
You made reference to the fact you were interviewed by The Metropolitan Police without an appropriate adult, yet were provided one by Northamptonshire Police. 

I must point out I originally made my complaint to Northamptonshire police force, who I believe to be biased and incompetent, so requested the MET investigate instead.
PACE 1984 cites clear guidelines about the procedure in reference to the 'appropriate adult', this is for all police in England and Wales. My lawyer has written to me to advise me that she has made a request to PC York for a copy of my custody record as to why an 'appropriate adult' was requested, this is not the first time the force has treated me this way. Indeed the first time, the individual was not an 'appropriate adult', but the police decided to document that he was. This took place in 2008 after yet again the police forced themselves into my home with the sole intent of arresting me, without giving me a warrant permitting them to do so and throwing me in a mental hospital; which is the same treatment many blacks in Northamptonshire do receive. Whilst a white man can carry an axe, to kill and is not sent to prison let alone sectioned. Instead he is treated like Royalty. My matter is to do with racial harassment and until the return of my child, I will be including the police as perpetrators in my complaints. 

Otis, please make sure that the custody record is sent to me as with the other items I have requested through Professional Standards and the website page Evidence on 

I have touched on the issues, relevant at this current time. Your other comments are duly noted. Thank you sharing your expertise with me, sadly I did not meet you years ago. Lastly, I will draw to your attention the threat of the police barring my telephone number, they still have not done so. If this was done,  on the fateful night of my attempted murder I would have not wasted my time fighting and trying to get to the telephone and call 999.  It was my right to defend myself in my home after the break-in. I should have focused all my energies on the fight, if I had the police would  not be doing what they are doing now; which is abusing me. What is new?

I will be grateful that you see that this is followed through. If in the future I am attacked again or need the assistance of the police I will not be able to get through, if I am foolish enough to think about dialling your number. What a waste the last 8 years have been. My life has gone nowhere and the force refuse to compensate me for all it has put me through, instead I am on bail then informed my bail is dropped, to save me from attending the station all the time. I am supposed to be grateful as I wait for CPS to find evidence to charge me?
It is explained to me how the police went about helping Mr Jarvis get away with his crimes against me, reinforcing the fact that my dealings with the police are based on race hate. I refuse to be consumed by the hate. I will leave this with the source and expect Jarvis to be sectioned shortly.
Instead of giving this man a restraining order the establishment place a rope around my neck and pull when they see fit. Observe my child, a walking tramp. This is how the police help us and now the police help the council to kick me out of my home. This is my fault, as a black single parent I brought a black child to a town where the community is clearly a white minority and is under resourced. I never knew racism is still rife in key areas. 

Thank you for your time, this I am grateful for.  Confirms to me that the police have succeeded and killed my family; whilst doing their up most to find means to lock me up. If it was me that had smashed into a person's home with an axe the police would have put me in a cell, killed me and reported that I committed suicide.  I was able to whoop the backside of Jarvis if I had failed the report would have read I committed suicide, I make this statement based on the fact the police and council treat my attackers as kings and queens. The force now have my child and does what it wants with her. A young black girl, this story stinks from start to finish. I am banned from my own child, because the police took her and say this is how it MUST be.Then blame me! 

The police abducted my child to deal with me. Fair enough at least my websites will make proactive black and white people think twice, before settling with their children in Northampton. 

Closing, today is MLK day, despite all the local body have put me through I am proud to be black, I adore my identity, I am privliaged to be a woman and I am so grateful that I was borne, bred and educated in London. I am proud! If my child and I were living in London they would not dare treat us this way. Before the police van turn up to throw me out,  bring back my child and produce the photograph of the axe Jarvis used to smash into my home, so I can give this to the judge! 

Closing with this insult and I shall leave it as that. I quote:
"Please note that although this arrangement is in place for the existing case it may be that officers feel the need to visit you in response to other incidents reported to us."

Respectfully yours,
Ngozi A. Godwell BSc (Hons), Dip. Ind.

where the community is clearly a white minority - meant to read majority.
Not rectified within the email.

Law: Martin Luther King on Non-Violence and Civil Disob...

Law: Martin Luther King on Non-Violence and Civil Disob...: Martin Luther King on Non-Violence and Civil Disobedience Martin Luther King, Jr.  (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American...



Northamptonshire - Home

This Photograph Signifies What The Council And It's Various Departments Have Done And Are Doing To The Godwell Family. 

Since November 2008 I wear a crucifix around my neck. The crucifix is in remembrance of my child and I, including all over children and families affected by race hate.

My door is highlighted by the mauve line. 

 Here are the photographs of my door after people in my neighbourhood smashed into my home with an axe. Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire police force, need to produce to me, the axe used by the people who smashed into my home in an attempt to kill me. The axe was collected before the arrest of Dean Jarvis.As well the DNA sample removed from my teeth. The sample was a mouthful of head hair I took from Jarvis, a large mouthful. When the police did remove his hair from my teeth, they left a large amount in my mouth, because they stated that they had collected enough. By the way the fight, which spilled out into my back garden, does not consitiute 'public area'. I chased him into my back garden, the route he took  to enter my home, after I removed a chunk of his hair.

Michael Alderman

In 2011 I made a request to the Independent Police Complaints Commission to review their previous findings. Michael Alderman is directly linked to the removal of my child and having me thrown into a mental hospital.  Michael Alderman then decided to investigate himself, changed a key date to remove his presence from this gritty story, printed off and without my permission and sent the pages to the IPCC. Alderman stated he could not find any evidence of corruption. I need to clarify if indeed Alderman was making reference to my family matter only, the overall secret family court system or both.

Anyway the IPCC did not agree with his findings and instructed me to make an application in the high court to overturn their previous decision.

Now here is Michael Alderman AGAIN! My child is not returned, I have not recieved compensation / damages for what they did put me through and here he is AGAIN.Please note how the police push the blame on one individual officer.  The officer is just following instructions. How do I know?
I am informed by my lawyer that the council is intent on evicting me and the POLICE are backing them all the way. Nurses told me clearly how the police have picked the side they are on and it is not mine.

The very same people who told me that I deserved what I got after my attempted murder  - Northamptonshire police force with Northampton Borough Council putting the boot in. Northampton Borough Council knew EXACTLY who was planing to kill me. When you read the court papers you will see how far they went to bury this fact.

Also when I was discharged from hospital Mrs. Crump told me out right that during the section 117 meeting social services informed her my child will never ever be coming to live with me again. She refused to tell me who the representative was who did inform her of such. 

I might as well type what I have told the police due to the fact the local body has spread race hate, gone out of it's way not to return my child, nothing better happen to my child and they say it was an accident or natural causes. I will say that they did it. I will rephrase this to, THEY DID IT!

Please bear in mind why and how the police abducted my child and then abused me openly. Nothing has changed the police have unfinished business. When the police sectioned me the first time the aim was never to see me again. By the time I found my child, her legs are weeping with pus.  Called child protection right?
A lie they had no interest in my child, because she is my child. When my child was taken many people told me with fright, that Chi Chi looks like you.
Now I do get it, abuse the mother and then the child, because the child represents the mother. 

They knew what they were doing,because there would have been complaints about that particular carer. Michael Alderman was busy doing the steering with the assistance of the various departments funded by Northampton Borough Council. Did I mention before suing the nursery I addressed the issue with Professional Standards and we all know what they did. alongside Cllr Joan Kirkbride.

I had laid a complaint about all the officers named within the contents of this statement and he was overseeing the complaint. The officers turned up a few days before Alderman was to visit me and they did what they did. Michael Alderman then went out of  his way attempting to bury his involvement. You see prior to my complaint I set up a website; which I took to London, charting my complaints about Northampton Borough Council. The fact Alderman did hide key information from the IPCC confirms his guilt. Then IPCC went through my website and found he only printed off for their attention what he wanted then to see.

After all that is done to me by Northamptonshire police force and their intent in dragging this on and finding different ways to get me locked up. I can safely write my child is in danger. You do not leave a black child in the care of racists.

Institutional Racism Is Keeping African Black British Children In Foster Care

Politics Of Race

Just because Dean Jarvis is having a nervous break down, because I whooped his backside and he now is aware that I DO know what type of man he is, does not mean I am not allowed to live. I am not walking around on egg shells to help him heal. Northamptonshire police force are aware of the nearest mental health hospital, they should take him there. Just remembered Jarvis is a white man in their town, who tried to kill a black woman who the police state deserved it. So he gets treated like royalty.

On This Day: Martin Luther King delivers his iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech

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To Cooperate And Engage Works Two Ways

To Cooperate And Engage Works Two Ways

To Cooperate  and engage works two ways. Not after a long list of abuses;  spanning  over 5 years the story now becomes we should all work together, but Ms Godwell will not work with us. 
Cooperate and engage bear no relevance.  Keywords they use in an attempt to detract from their own abusive practices. Quite frankly Northamptonshire local body are out of order.

When looking back at the last five years, all I can state is what a waste of time all this has been. 


The nurses in hospital are spot on 'the way I am being treated is EXACTLY how my child is being treated'. You should see what they have done to my child.  You should see what they have done to my princess.

My lawyer on a number of occasions informed me that 'Northamptonshire police are NOW doing things properly, so I will have no cause to complain. My child is not yet returned. Is this not a threat?

I sacked the lawyer.


The thing about corruption is no matter how much you do know your rights and you prepare your case, you will not win. This is a fact.  The only reason one must continue the fight, is because if you give up then corruption will actually manifest itself, ten-fold. 

I am backed against a wall repeatedly and now is the time I am saying enough.

Let Northampton Borough Council take back their house, the very same house my child and I sacrificed our lives for. If it was not for my child and I, Raeburn Road would not be the quiet suburb you will find today and observe the thanks we both get.  They did not nothing for the area, my child and I did.

Northamptonshire - Home

Completion of Proceedings

It will not be usual to disclose material until the proceedings have been completed. This is to ensure that the criminal trial process and any continuing police enquiries are not prejudiced. There is no need to delay disclosure until normal methods of appeal are exhausted. The comments of Lord Reid in (Conway v Rimmer (1968) I All ER 874) at page 889 are relevant:
"... it would generally be wrong to require disclosure in a civil case of anything which might be material in a pending prosecution, but after a verdict has been given, or it has been decided to take no proceedings, there is not the same need for secrecy."

The presumption of innocence and the rights of the accused

Suspects who are prosecuted are entitled to have their guilt or innocence established with all the safeguards of a criminal trial, including the rules of evidence. Those who are not prosecuted, or who are acquitted, are entitled to the presumption of innocence. The presumption of innocence can only be undermined if the CPS or police were to release evidence enabling individuals to trawl through it to determine why the person was suspected in the first place. This is an important constitutional principle closely linked with the Service's independence of decision making.


Material Seized by the Police

Material seized by the police in connection with the investigation of crime (usually under the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) must not be disclosed to a third party unless the owner has consented to the disclosure or a subpoena has been served on the relevant police officer. This type of situation received close examination in (Marcel and Others v The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis (1992) AER 72) Even where a subpoena has been served the police should not disclose seized documents in advance of the court attendance unless they:
  • have given the true owner notice of the service of the subpoena; and
  • have expressed a wish to produce the seized material in advance of the attendance at court; and
  • have given the true owner a reasonable opportunity to object.

Here is the photo of the iron bar I used against Mr. Dean Jarvis when I was fighting for my life. If it was not for the iron bar, I would be dead by now. The iron bar saved my life!
 I give thanks to my angels who protected me from being murdered ...

 I want to know what did Northamptonshire police force do with the axe used by the people who smashed into my home in an attempt to kill me. As well the axe, what about  the DNA sample?