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This Photograph Signifies What The Council And It's Various Departments Have Done And Are Doing To The Godwell Family. 

Since November 2008 I wear a crucifix around my neck. The crucifix is in remembrance of my child and I, including all over children and families affected by race hate.

My door is highlighted by the mauve line. 

 Here are the photographs of my door after people in my neighbourhood smashed into my home with an axe. Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire police force, need to produce to me, the axe used by the people who smashed into my home in an attempt to kill me. The axe was collected before the arrest of Dean Jarvis.As well the DNA sample removed from my teeth. The sample was a mouthful of head hair I took from Jarvis, a large mouthful. When the police did remove his hair from my teeth, they left a large amount in my mouth, because they stated that they had collected enough. By the way the fight, which spilled out into my back garden, does not consitiute 'public area'. I chased him into my back garden, the route he took  to enter my home, after I removed a chunk of his hair.

Michael Alderman

In 2011 I made a request to the Independent Police Complaints Commission to review their previous findings. Michael Alderman is directly linked to the removal of my child and having me thrown into a mental hospital.  Michael Alderman then decided to investigate himself, changed a key date to remove his presence from this gritty story, printed off and without my permission and sent the pages to the IPCC. Alderman stated he could not find any evidence of corruption. I need to clarify if indeed Alderman was making reference to my family matter only, the overall secret family court system or both.

Anyway the IPCC did not agree with his findings and instructed me to make an application in the high court to overturn their previous decision.

Now here is Michael Alderman AGAIN! My child is not returned, I have not recieved compensation / damages for what they did put me through and here he is AGAIN.Please note how the police push the blame on one individual officer.  The officer is just following instructions. How do I know?
I am informed by my lawyer that the council is intent on evicting me and the POLICE are backing them all the way. Nurses told me clearly how the police have picked the side they are on and it is not mine.

The very same people who told me that I deserved what I got after my attempted murder  - Northamptonshire police force with Northampton Borough Council putting the boot in. Northampton Borough Council knew EXACTLY who was planing to kill me. When you read the court papers you will see how far they went to bury this fact.

Also when I was discharged from hospital Mrs. Crump told me out right that during the section 117 meeting social services informed her my child will never ever be coming to live with me again. She refused to tell me who the representative was who did inform her of such. 

I might as well type what I have told the police due to the fact the local body has spread race hate, gone out of it's way not to return my child, nothing better happen to my child and they say it was an accident or natural causes. I will say that they did it. I will rephrase this to, THEY DID IT!

Please bear in mind why and how the police abducted my child and then abused me openly. Nothing has changed the police have unfinished business. When the police sectioned me the first time the aim was never to see me again. By the time I found my child, her legs are weeping with pus.  Called child protection right?
A lie they had no interest in my child, because she is my child. When my child was taken many people told me with fright, that Chi Chi looks like you.
Now I do get it, abuse the mother and then the child, because the child represents the mother. 

They knew what they were doing,because there would have been complaints about that particular carer. Michael Alderman was busy doing the steering with the assistance of the various departments funded by Northampton Borough Council. Did I mention before suing the nursery I addressed the issue with Professional Standards and we all know what they did. alongside Cllr Joan Kirkbride.

I had laid a complaint about all the officers named within the contents of this statement and he was overseeing the complaint. The officers turned up a few days before Alderman was to visit me and they did what they did. Michael Alderman then went out of  his way attempting to bury his involvement. You see prior to my complaint I set up a website; which I took to London, charting my complaints about Northampton Borough Council. The fact Alderman did hide key information from the IPCC confirms his guilt. Then IPCC went through my website and found he only printed off for their attention what he wanted then to see.

After all that is done to me by Northamptonshire police force and their intent in dragging this on and finding different ways to get me locked up. I can safely write my child is in danger. You do not leave a black child in the care of racists.

Institutional Racism Is Keeping African Black British Children In Foster Care

Politics Of Race

Just because Dean Jarvis is having a nervous break down, because I whooped his backside and he now is aware that I DO know what type of man he is, does not mean I am not allowed to live. I am not walking around on egg shells to help him heal. Northamptonshire police force are aware of the nearest mental health hospital, they should take him there. Just remembered Jarvis is a white man in their town, who tried to kill a black woman who the police state deserved it. So he gets treated like royalty.

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  1. The very same people who told me that I deserved what I got after my attempted murder are now playing public relations and telling me if I ever need their help to give them a call,because they are impartial.