Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Taking A Child Abroad Who Is In Care


From:Kerry Wortley (KWortley@********)
Sent:09 July 2013 14:41:52

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Hello Mrs Godwell

Following your request to next the contact arrangements, I am emailing to confirm the new arrangements in place for you to have contact with your daughter Chi.

It shall take place Friday 9th August 2013.  The meeting point shall be at the Abbington Park at your request at 2.00pm

The contact will last until 4.00pm.

It shall be supervised by contact supervisor (Trudy).  Trudy will ensure Chi is picked from her foster carer prior to contact and then returned again after contact ends.

I hope you and Chi have an enjoyable contact.

If you have any problems with these arrangements then please contact me.

Regards, Kerry

No mention within the email, about how they did obtain my child's passport and are taking my child abroad on 28th July 2013. My child is unaware of the trip, so was I until today. I am fighting this.

It will be interesting to find out the under what Section of the Children’s Act, is specified to retain my child in care and what they informed the passport office?

Nobody knows. Mr. Paul Burnett ran fast after proclaiming he had never heard of my child prior to me calling him. Mr. Nigel Stock went through the paperwork, looking hard. Nigel walked too.

Karen Garvie admits there is no section or Court Order,permitting social services to treat my family this way.  Then denies she said it,but I let her know I have her on tape admitting this.
Anyway the judgments and their submissions tell the story, documents which they shredded?

Let us not forget the jury of 12 who yelled 'not guilty' of any crime against a child and is NOT mentally ill or has mental health problems and even so, people who do, still have their children.

Do not worry I tape every god-damn call I do make to them, as always.  This is a religion.    
For example, this week Northamptonshire Police did contact my lawyer and inform my lawyer that I plan to commit crimes, against I am now suffering from anxiety axe man. I instruct my lawyer to wait a moment and I play the recording of my conversation with the police.  Indeed I am saying the opposite. The very same lawyer who informed them:
'That this maybe the way you do things up here, but this is not the way I do things'. 
I sat there smiling, 'I am so proud to be a Londoner'. You see those borne and bred in Northampton have nothing to compare with and accept the pile of nonsence they are given to be universal, it is not.
I rarely do this, but this time I must. Since leaving hospital I accept that I am dealing with idiots and all those who packed up and left after working out the truth about my family matter are aware of this too. This is the sad part of my story. 

The request was declined by the Home Office.

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  1. I have lodged a complaint with the police in reference to the passport issue and taking my child abroad.

    Kerry also has the nerve to inform me if anything happens to my child, not to worry the carer is insured.
    Who the heck are these people I do not know who they are. Observe how they have treated my child and I. The lengths they have taken to get rid of me. Next thing they will be telling me that my child had an accident. Read the blog again...
    They do not even have the authority to have my child.

    They planned this when I was in hospital, yelling for me to be injected. You should have heard what the police and social services said about me.

    Indeed the staff said have the police ever prosecuted any person for what they did to you, your child or family?