Sunday, 7 July 2013

Save The Children Fund

Save The Children Fund

Northampton Borough Council: Ms. Katerina Monkhouse And Mr. Nigel Stock: Ms.Katerina Monkhouse And Mr. Nigel StockPractices And Procedures For Safeguarding Children And Families In Local Authority Service...Both have now left Northamptonshire County. Nigel left this Friday. 

Of recent the Manager Shirley Bowron's departure was sudden. 
Staff informed me, 'she is gone'. I reply you mean retired. 'No' she is gone. I respond with, you mean she has got a new job. NO she has GONE. The person providing me with the information was very excited. Indeed over the years I and this  person have grown fond of each other, we have never met. This is all about the children.

Nigel once said to me, what concerns him is what they have been doing to the other children.  My mouth hung open, only for a brief while and then I say, my sentiments exactly.

I quote from a Trayvon Martin campaign:

This case is very revealing on many levels. Everyone from the wanna be cop to the real detectives and officials dropped the ball. Standards were not consistent. No one thought the life of a young black teenager was worth the extra effort. Now everyone is back-pedalling and trying to cover and save their jobs. At the end of the day the Fulton/Martin family can rest assured that they handled the family affairs with grace. My prayers go out to them!

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