Thursday, 25 July 2013

Politics Of Race

Politics Of Race

The African comment endorsed by ALL the signatures below and promoted by the council They typed it up.
This page drips with racism, a foul stench.


To:, ngozi godwell, bbc south.newsonline
Cc: karen garvie, Jane Cummins
1. Please refer to the written communications between Mr. Nigel Stock and I. Confirmed that the judgment made on 6th November 2009 does not cite the relevant section permitting my child to remain in the care of the council.

2.  Northamptonshire County Council made a complaint about me to the police accusing me of child neglect and other crimes relating to my child. The family court submitted it's findings into the criminal proceedings a jury of 12 said I am not guilty of any crime against my child, supporting the views of my child and refuting those of the council.  Meaning the judgment made on 6th November 2009 is no longer valid and my child is to be returned into my care. I am repeating this again, because I am obviously dealing with those who do lack intelligence and believe the best way forward is to bully and place threats on my person, so I would run away. Nigel and Paul displayed intelligence.

3. Nigel is unable to explain the actions of his colleagues.  I have retained his emails at his request, before his departure. Karen Garvie admits on tape there is no court order permitting the council to treat my child and I this way.

4. My maiden the name is not the name on my birth certificate.  If the council had asked me I would have told them, but as usual they believe the best practice is behave as if my child does not have a mother. My own mother did refused to give social services the details of my birth name for obvious reason. This is confirmed and recorded by social services in writing.

5. There are other serious indicators as to why I must put this question to Northamptonshire County Council, how did it manage to obtain a passport for my child, without my informed consent?

6. Okoro is my maiden name but not my name at birth. I am not adopted. There is a deed that must accompany my birth certificate at all times and is the document that formalises my original British birth certificate. My father changed his name to Okoro after i was born.

7. For the reasons outlined above the council and my child's foster carers have forfeited the right to override my informed consent permitting, my child to go abroad. My child's social worker made an off the cuff comment that my child is going on holiday. This is how I did find out. This conversation is tape recorded. Another insult to my child and I.

8. This nonsense has dragged on long enough, you need to start returning my child. I am not to find my child is on a plane without a written explanation as to how my child's passport was obtained.   Obviously the silence of my child's social worker and her line manager on this matter speaks volumes.

9. Contact dates to follow.

Your faithfully
Ngozi Godwell

ps this email is forwarded to others who are not attached within the contents of this email.

Declined in writing by the home office. Click here to read more>>>

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