Friday, 12 July 2013

I have Now Concluded My Complaints With Northamptonshire Professional Standards Department

 I have Now Concluded My Complaints With Northamptonshire Professional Standards Department. 

Now For The Next Level

Now I know what people in the community mean. 
When people in my neighbourhood smashed into my home with an axe and I fought the man yielding the axe.
I was well within my rights to kill this man. I fought for my life, you should have seen everywhere. Plants overturned it was the biggest fight in my Life.
I chose not to kill this man, this was the last thought on my mind. 

Now I see perfectly well.
There was no way ‪#‎Northamptonshire‬ police force could have pinned his death on me. 

He was in my home uninvited. He smashed through with an axe.

Instead of treating me with respect observe how the establishment treat me with contempt. They treat me like shit.

Then they have the nerve to lie and say they gave him a caution.
What about the other people in my home?
‪#‎caution‬ for God's sake.
Lawyer found out that this is a lie also, he got nothing.

You should read his police statement ...

Me, I am not like some. I will always hold my head with ‪#‎pride‬.

The very same people out of jealousy and spite murdered my ‪#‎family‬, but I still forgave them. They did not like this also.
I, Ngozi Godwell still walking with my head high. So they planned to kill me, knowing fully well if they had succeeded Northamptonshire police force would have let them bury the evidence.

Now they are telling me to keep my mouth shut or they will keep me in a box. Well I will not and it is best we all part company, because they serve no purpose.

Let us all fight this out in the courts and close this nonsense. They gave me my free holiday with the insane,it was a threat, but I turned this into a positive. 

#Trayvon's Martin's parents did this. They brought this case back to the police, They pushed and pushed. They should be so proud.This is what they did.They are not my mum and dad, but I love them!
Here is a statement of fact.

If this was in Northamptonshire police force, the parents would have been sectioned off into a mental asylum long ago, had children in their family taken into care.His parents would have been used as an example to the rest of the community, do not dare question authority or we will deal with you.

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