Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ngozi Godwell

Ngozi Godwell

I am Ngozi Godwell.  This Blog is about my family.

By law I am entitled to tell my story and I CAN reveal my family depending on the nature of the case. If Northamptonshire County Council do not like it, then they need to take the Order and run to the European Court of Human Rights.  I got there first and the council unduly ignored my accepted application.  The council also ignored the Judgment telling them if I want my only child back I am entitled to have my child back or if I do not want my child back I am entitled to contact defined under the Children Act.  So be it.
For over two years the Council have been smashing my windows to make me nervous in an attempt to make me crack.  On 21st February 2012 Mrs Victoria Coleman informed me that the Council will continue to abuse me to justify their jobs.  Fair enough!

No one can understand why the Lordship sent me back to my family's abusers and told them to promote justice. Notwithstanding, the Lordship wrote his instructions and the Council and its affiliates ignored his instructions. 
So what is a mother supposed to do?
If my child is alive one day she will come and find me.  Then I will help her sue the backside off those people.  This is the only reason they are doing their best to section, DAMAGES!

"We shall not overcome any form of oppression by succumbing to it, by welcoming it in, and laying down on the floor, and telling the oppressor the axe is behind the fridge. Get off the floor, and FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL!!! This is it folks, dont accept any more lies."
28th March 2012

Written on 23rd March 2012

Photo taken this morning when I opened my curtains.

I am here...
Yesterday it was made clear to me, that I am to continue with my works and I will have a team to support me with Stress it was I who overturned the eviction ...notice, but the issue is that the council did fail me and the system has failed my child and I. I have done well and we all are going to keep it this way.

I had many top people in my home yesterday, you could tell by the amount of expensive cars parked outside my home. I had the Psychiatrist who assessed me in the month of October 2008 in my home also. Later I put my arms around him, rested my head on his shoulder, then stood back and told him he has lost weight. He grinned and said he has lost weight, because of stress.

I will continue with my cause, as they all put it, I have sufficient legal knowledge to complete my cases in the courts. They do not want me to be stressed and to be there to help me achieve my goals for my own life; which is to live in a peaceful environment, eventually work in mental health and this goes without saying have my child back with me. I told them I want to train as a paralegal, not online, but to attend college. The PHD can take a back seat for now.

Unannounced the mental health support worker and a Dr have just left my home. The Dr is instructed by the top Psychiatrist and is part of his team, she works directly under him. The health worker's eyes are shining through out. She tells me she is grinning and has been grinning from the time they entered my home. Imagine Ngozi observing through her window cars, pulling up, police officers and others. All suited and booted coming to stand by the wall outside her house.
All I will write about this for now, is run, garden and over the fence.

The last time I saw my child was 16th December 2011 and her social worker forgot to arrange the last contact date, so there was no contact.

I will be back on Monday filing in all the Courts, the difference this time is the word ‘damages’. I will deal with the ECHR in the form of case study leading to my paralegal training.

I am happy, I am really happy.
Today, 28th March 2012  it is made clear to me that the establishment will smash into my home anytime they please. Keep on with the abuse, because I am not your victim.  We are victims of racial abuse and the manner the Council is promoting my well-being, in short, I do not consent to this.

Update on 12th November 2012

Parents Rights Blog - Many have made requests for a donation button in respect to Parents Rights Blog or that I convert the Blog into an eBook  Some are amazed that I have not done either. I have not done so, because I do not feel the need to, but I must upgrade the account Parents Rights Blog for me to share more videos etc.  Sadly, I have used all of my allowed usage, I am not surprised. 

Please help me and others who have come to rely on Parents Rights Blog by donating what ever you can, nothing is too small. Thank you.

My heart and prayers go out to all those who will be alone this Christmas or without the children or parents they do love.

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