Tuesday, 6 March 2012

District Judge Karen Ann Venables

District Judge Karen Ann Venables

The final hearing was on 2nd November 2009 and the judgement was made on 6th November 2009. 
When my child was with me the windows had never been smashed.  A couple of days before the start of the hearing my windows were smashed. I took this photograph to Court and gave it to  District Judge Karen Ann Venables. Whilst the judge held the photograph in her hands, I accused the county council and it’s agents of smashing my windows to prevent me from attending the hearing.

From that day on, my windows were smashed on a regular basis and the police did nothing. Then, one day I sent an email to Mr David Kennedy who is supposed to be my landord and copy sent to the police making it clear it was them who were organising for my windows to be smashed as with strangers shouting me out on the street, because they did nothing.  The same week I sent the email is the week my windows were never smashed again.   The person who through paint on the wall left so much evidence behind, but Northamptonshire police force refused to collect it.
So how did one catch the offender?
Streets & Environmental Division

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