Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Scam Is Unfolding

The truth is now coming out.  The reason for all this nonsense is that Northamptonshire County Council is fully aware that they had no right doing what they did.  Today the Mental Health Team came to my home and informed me if I use their service they would help me with contact with my child, but no mention as to when my child is being returned to me.

The scam is unfolding.. This is why His Honour Judge Waine kept on refusing ALL my application, ignored the judgment of a higher court and the European Court of Human Rights.  He is intent on finding of the facts and he does not care how long this takes . He made it clear has no interest with my child and I too will be learning about wickedness.

This is the documentation His Honour Judge Waine sent the Home Office. The Home Office wanted no part of this nonsense.  This is His Honours Waine’s handwriting

Hence, this judge making orders without either parties any applications and then finally making an Order preventing me making further application until March 2012.  Starting to make sense now?

His Honour Judge Waine wrote the Home Office stating that I have mental health problems.  Based on what evidence none knows.  Later he denies any knowledge of the documentation and submission, in writing.

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