Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cafcass Initial Analysis and Recommendations Of Diane Clark

Cafcass Initial Analysis and Recommendations 

Of  Diane Clark

Diane Clark, Guardians ad litem, whistle-blower for the local council. No, not to promote justice , but to use her position to cover up any claims for litigation, most importantly the abuses of children in care.

What they do is change the facts to fit the event that they wish to portray and they are still doing this. Introduction of the Second Guardian, Mr. Richard Lee. Children are at risk. Those two people have no interest in the children. Must be the money and other perks given to them. Do you know in 2009 Clark set up her own business providing services to the council. Have a guess the type of commodity on supply, CHILDREN. 

 I want to remind the readers that it is important that the historical background of my complaints are relevant  because it is those issues that have led to the predicament that affects me today. Of prime importance the issues led to Northamptonshire local bodies treatment of my family. This is common sense.  


Unlawful Government Action | Is the case of Minor G another Dunblane Cover up?

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