Thursday, 1 November 2012

Northamptonshire Police Force UK DS 1323 Andy Rogers

Northamptonshire Police Force UK DS 1323 Andy Rogers 

This morning 1st November I have lodged a complaint with the police in reference to DS 1323 Andy Rogers  CID Officer and the investigation he with his team where supposed to have conducted on my behalf, in respect to the complaint I made directly to the police. As usual I did supply this blog address when making my complaint. This is important, DS 1323 Andy Rogers  CID Officer refused to take a formal witness statement from me, I made numerous requests for him or someone from his team to do so. No such statement was ever collected from me.    

Sadly, I have to report that last week I did eventually speak directly to DS 1323 Andy Rogers and can confirm that he told me that Mr. Dean Jarvis is charged with affray and given a ONLY a caution. 

So it is true, if Mr. Dean Jarvis of 87 Raeburn Road had succeeded with the plan to kill me; the police would have just called it suicide.  This event was a joined planned affair which Northamptonshirepolice did know about, well before the event took place. The police are always the last to know, the event was planned for years.    

If successful what they would have done is told my child that their mother had committed suicide an. The fact that I was not murdered must be a source of contention for Northamptonshire police force and Northampton Borough Council?
The manner in which they handled the crimeagainst me was improper and unprofessional


Northamptonshire Police Force UK DS 1323 Andy Rogers

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