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Northamptonshire County Council: Diane Clark, Guardians Ad Litem

Northamptonshire County Council: Diane Clark, 

Guardian Ad Litem

I am Ngozi Godwell.  This Blog is about my family. By law I am entitled to tell my story and what a story. Instead of giving my child back observe how they treat my child and I. The fact of the matter is this, you are supposed to trust the police

The first thing social services did when Northamptonshire Police Force took my child was to go through my telephone bills and my bank accounts, trying to find something on me, anything to give them an excuse to retain my child without my permission. This is why Northamptonshire Police Force had me locked up in a police cell for 48 hours, they had to workout what to do with my child and I, because when they looked beyond the black face and dug deeper they realised they had made a big mistake and all I would do is collect my child and sue for damages.  

When Police And Prosecutors Knowingly Break Laws.

When the police beat me up and took my child in the planned attack, within half an hour of having my child they soon realised they had made a big mistake.  I am a strong woman and will remain so.

This year did lawyer for the council Claire Bates Claire Bateswrite to the Civil Appeal Office and state that I will lie about what happened to my child?
What is there to lie about, what is it they are trying to hide?
My child is now under a psychiatrist as instructed by His Honour Judge Waine, when this man ignored the judgment of the Supreme Court.  They are all in it together as thick as thieves, who go around stealing other peoples children.

The Mistake They Did Not Make
Part of the neighbourhood gang, An example of the white people that Northamptonshire Police Force and affiliates say my child and I must become. They are loads more people who came from other estates.

DS 1323 ANDY ROGERS told me; "We are working to get the result that we are happy with". when i asked him if i am INCLUDED in the we,  he put the telephone down. this was after his COLLEAGUE called me and said i deserved it.  rogers never collected a witness statement from me. he did not inform me of the courT hearing date

Northamptonshire: Cops and system assaulted me with a plan they hoping I would kill myself and they raged hard when I did not, would not.  Raging harder that the three people, who took  it upon themselves to execute me failed in their quest.  

Lord Justice Alan Ward

Parents Rights Blog

Diane Clark, Guardians ad litem, whistle-blower for the local council. No, not to promote justice , but to use her position to cover up any claims for litigation, most importantly the abuses of children in care.  

 Many children in foster care are at risk.  My question,how did some of the children in Northamptonshire get to be placed in foster care in the first instance?

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