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Duties And Responsibilities, As Defined By Northampton Borough Council.

Duties And Responsibilities, As Defined By Northampton Borough Council

Dear Mrs Crump
This email concerns the matters which you did contact me about. You made contact, on behalf of Northampton Borough Council.  Outlined are my requirements. Thank you.

  1. Send me the copy of your duties and responsibilities, as defined by Northampton Borough Council.
  2. My file as held by Northampton Borough Council is made available to me, through the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
  3. The name and title of the person from your legal department, who you are dealing with.   The council have made this clear; it has no interest in mediation with the sole aim of arranging a settlement to my satisfaction.
  4. All documentation to be delivered by first or second class post, only. 
  5. Mrs Crumb, your input at this stage is not invited by me, for this reason I will decline any further contact with you, or any person from your department. This is a legal matter.
  6. The council has made it's stance quite clear. You must go ahead and CANCEL any appointment you have made on my behalf, without my informed consent. I do not expect to see you knocking on my door, unless to remove the shed tipped in my garden.  
  7. The matter of my attempted murder by people in my neighbourhood is unresolved. I was asleep on my settee when a group of white people smashed into home.   Any support I have requested from your employer has been unduly ignored. You are unable to provide an effective remedy, to my suiting. This is a Public Law matter and my complaint is placed in a Civil Court.
  8. I am not committing a crime.
  9. The evidence suggests that it is indeed the agents who do represent my landlord are the people conducting and promoting anti-social. Choosing to openly discriminate.

Your faithfully,
Ngozi Godwell
Litigant in Person

Hello everybody, by now you should have watched the documentary ‘Slavery by Another Name’.  This is a hard-hitting video and is tough to watch, but well worth it.  A true and inspiring story, sadly, this reflects Northampton today. The difference is that the local establishment has shifted the paradigm from prisons to mental institutions. 

Here is her response.

High priority
To 'ngozi godwell'
Good Afternoon Ms Godwell,
Thank you for your email below. I will address your queries in accordance with your numbered points.
1.       In response to this query, as Tenancy Enforcement Officer for Northampton Borough Council my duties are to deal with tenant who breach the terms and conditions of their tenancy conditions.
2.       Regarding your request for information held on your tenancy file this can be requested from the following ,
Information Access Requests,

Northampton Borough Council,

St Giles Square, Northampton,

3.      Regarding details of the person I spoke to in the legal department, in regard to the issue with the shed. As this matter is not a legal matter that the Council will not be dealing with and the fact that the Council are not taking any legal action against you I am not at liberty to disclose this information. The discussion with the legal department was purely for me to seek advice regarding the matter of the shed in your garden.
4.      All correspondence is sent 1st or 2nd class as a matter of practice.
5.      I am not clear what aspect is a legal matter.
6.      I still need to discuss with you the allegations made that you are causing anti social behaviour , and as such again ask if you will be available for me to visit you on Thursday 13th December 2012 at 10am.
7.      Regarding point 7 this is a Police matter to be addressed with them.
8.      There has been no mention by myself of you committing a crime.
9.      The council operates a Fair Treatment Policy :
Northampton Borough Council believes everyone should be treated fairly.
We will not tolerate racist, sexist or other offensive comments, abuse or threatening behaviour.
If you are the victim of such comments or behaviour while at work you have the right to challenge it and ask the person(s) to stop.
If the behaviour persists you may withdraw the service you are providing.  If it takes place on council premises you have the right to ask the person(s) responsible to leave.
I hope this answers your points.
Noella Crump
Tenancy Enforcement Officer
Landlord Services
St James Mill Lane
01604 837413

I hope you are keeping well, but most importantly that you all are using the story of my little girl and I to empower yourself, your children and community. My child has now been in care for four years. This is based on ‘racial hatred’.

  • housing move‏

 Hi Ngozi
Just to let you know I have spoken with Ian Swift in Housing Solutions. He says you are in Band A with 3 stars and this is the highest rating. Also says arrears will not affect a housing move for you.Says if you would like to start bidding under the Home Choice scheme he will give you every assistance and that you have very high chance of move.
I have also spoken with DC Andy Rogers and he will also support housing move.
I hope this is helpful to you.
If you require any further assistance,please do not hesitate to contact me.
Bernie Reid 
Service Delivery Manager
Victim Support / Angel St. Northampton NN1 1ED
Registered Charity No. 298028 / Company No. 2158780
Tel: 01604 603477 (Ext 205) Fax: 01604 602375 Direct Tel: 01604 609932 email:
(Type Relay 18001 01536 417119) 

I have now moved on, I have forgiven and healed. Accepted what they have done. At the end of the day they should not have done what they did to my little girl. I will be using this page to upload correspondence I do receive from the council and its various departments from December 2012. Please when you do visit my blog, always check this page

I will also continue to use this blog for uploading documents in support of relevant facts. This is my life, for this reason, this is my story, not how the council decides to tell it. Northampton Borough Council and affiliates abused my family, they cannot undo this fact.

I have succeeded in my quest. My second criminal lawyer Leanne Brown told me "to keep my mouth shut that we all know the true story, but the council will tell it how they see fit." This was in November 1998. I waited and to my horror it was not about giving me back my child, but using their powers to make sure that I do not get my child back. That was then and this is now. So I guess they need to rewrite their fabricated stories. I show them no sympathy!

Special shout out to the black Northampton community. Who really knows what the local establishment were doing to them, before I came along?
I hope the youth within the community regardless of background, colour or race are empowered.

"If they had not done to this us, no one would have known about all the other children this is happening to."

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