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Ngozi and Chinyere Godwell Part 2

Ngozi and Chinyere Godwell Part 2

I have learnt a lot in the last month, One of the officers who beat me up in October 2008 stormed my home with his failing mates on 10 March 2013 and it is not rocket since what they did to me. One of his friends is a PC Pangor, who sometime ago refused to place a CCTV camera outside my home stating that the camera would invade on the privacy of my neighbour.

I am back! (more later)

This is my last take on Mr. Dean Jarvis.

Dean only became my friend to hide his guilt as to what he and his mother did do to my child and I.
I turned the other cheek, because I refused to lower myself and behave like them.
Dean Jarvis was never my friend, because a friend does not storm your home with others in tow, with an axe to kill you.
I am informed by a reliable source that Dean Jarvis is now suffering from anxiety.. 
I have now swallowed my pride.

landlord Northampton Borough Council

My landlord Northampton Borough Council obviously set me up by housing me in this area and in particular next to door to Mr Jarvis, with his mother on the other side. Now there are people from all parts who they do not know moving into the area.

Northampton Borough Council is labelled the worst council in the country by inspectors. The inspectors were the last to know.

First of all my landlord houses me in a building  opposite a transvestite who is an alcoholic, living with his brother  (Stitchman House). His brother is sexually and physically assaulting him on a regular basis. .My friend moves me in and we both wonder why the flat is freshly decorated with marble floor in the lounge and a new nursery, but the tenant left all behind. I soon found out the reason why when the brother is yelling outside my door racist comments, proceeds to smash through my front door. I pick up my baby, place her under my coat and start screaming for help from the balcony. People passing by hear my screams, look up and come charging up to the flat.  There is fighting outside my door, my child and I are rescued me. I am informed by the people as soon as they could see where the screaming is coming from they knew this could be for only one reason. The council had done the unforgivable and placed a woman opposite the couple who are two brothers involved in a sexual relationship with each other.

Soon after police cars turn up and the police inform me upon their arrival that I should not have been placed in that flat to live, let alone with a child. The police instruct me to go to the council and not to leave there until I am rehoused. 

The council had no right placing a mother and child opposite the couple.  Later the tenants told me the reason they did not tell me about the couple opposite my flat, is because, I was the only person who did listen to them.  The Transvestite is now dead his brother was arrested and sent to prison, later released. It was found that both had been drinking so much that the other died as they lay asleep next to each other on the settee.

Next my Landlord moves me to Danefield Road. In short a family moves next door to me. Later the police write a report stating that the family is having a negative impact on the community and myself, because I live directly next door to them. The council move me yet again. Guess what social services did about my complaints?
Nothing ...

I am moved to Raeburn Road, a couple of miles away from Danefield Road and my former next door neighbours have many friends in the area. The council should not have moved me within such a short radius. This was done intentionally . 

In short I have learnt in the last month that Northampton Borough Council did set me up by moving me to Raeburn Road.  Let me not waste my time writing what Northamptonshire Social Services did do about all of this, because they wrote what they did do themselves. In reference to Stitchman House social services wrote that they declined to view the property with me when I did contact them, about my concerns when I did first view the property.

How many of you do trust social social services?
My tip is keep well away from the organisation Northamptonshire social services, they are NOT to be trusted. 

I quote:
One of the reasons people have such a hard time believing the extent of the usurpation and treason in our government is because of its enormity. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me how so many people could be in on it without someone standing up and raising the alarm.

The answer is love. Everyone has someone they care for deeply; someone they would do anything for or risk everything to save; your wife, children, extended family member(s), lover, and friend. In some cases even the lives of others you don’t even know
by Thomas Mick (Notes) on Sunday, May 19, 2013 

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