Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ngozi And Chinyere Godwell

Ngozi And Chinyere Chelsea Godwell

I am not the person who revealed the identity of my child, during the farce labelled the care proceeding, the court did. The court did so through the BBC, Ceefax and the local paper.
So, it is a bit rich the council telling me what I must and not must do. What they did to my child and I they did so nationally. The plan was never to give me back my only child, when she was abducted by Northamptonshire police force. The local body believe they are above the law. 

What they are doing to me the act is of pure wickedness and I am not letting them get away with this. 

Remarkable having a go at me when my child's advocates revealed the identity of my child and I. The same organisation that wrote racist comments during the proceedings, making it quite clear what  they think about black people.   For a local body to do this reveals clearly what they think about the community they do serve. 

Furthermore a criminal court did refute the judgment of District Karen Ann Venables. . The local council have no right having my child, let alone a black child.. 

From the day they took my child the intent is to hurt me through my child. Why?
During my criminal case the counsel made reference to the colour of my skin and my child''s advocates made  their view known; in the form of a submission to the family court. The view of local body is all Africans are child abusers.

These people work to a  plan. There is no way I am prepared to let the local body tell their version of MY STORY. I went global a long time ago.

Safe guarding children is not what Northamptonshire social services is about. The service is about trafficking the children of those who dare question practices and most importantly to get out of litigation at all cost.

Care being the operative word ~ Dr. Peter Halstead (2008)

Dehumanisation in social care. A threat to a child. 
Made to a child, in the system by a variety of people.
What a nasty group of wicked people I am dealing with.
This is Northampton town who do make this clear, it does not like black people and we are just tolerated. This fact is written all over their own paperwork. 
My child is a political prisoner and our case it to do with race hate. The local council make this clear, you can be anybody or anything, as long as you are not black.

Kidnap Survivors Share Stories of What Kept Them From Attempting to Escape.

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