Friday, 28 June 2013

Karen Garvie Northamptonshire County Council

Karen Garvie Manager Northamptonshire County Council

Good Afternoon

This email is for the attention of a Karen Garvie.

We have not too long ago spoken. I will stick to the important facts.

You advise me that  you will be seeking legal advise in reference to me tape recording our telephone conversation. This is after I informed you that I will be sending the tape to others.

I have played the recording to Nigel Stock and copied to others.  I informed you that I will leave a copy on your answer machine to help you along the way. I have done so.

I did also ask you previously if you are indeed related to a detective  named Garvie?
During my last call to you, I did place the same question to you.  You informed me that you did hear me the first time and you refuse to answer my question.

I find this strange, because listening to the tape recording of our previous conversation you do bend over backwards answering my questions. Any other person would have answered yes or no.

Let me close by reminding you that in the past I have reported you to the police for threatening me.

Ngozi Godwell

What they do is spend their time brain washing and threatening children. Best bet do not even waste your time moving to Northampton town, there are other places in the country you can move to. When you hear Karen's recording you will really begin to understand the seriousness of this child stealing scam. They take children and then tell them they are unable to live with or see their parent/s because the parent is mentally ill. Oldest trick in the book for stealing children.

This is has dragged on long enough!

Shirley Bowron
Team Manager at Northamptonshire County Council I am informed has now left. I will describe this woman is a hater of children. Claimed that she has visited the home of Eve and Graham Gardner both foster parents, but has never seen the foster father. It is reported that the foster father is on the board of directors for Northamptonshire County Council and is good mates with Chief Executive Mr David Kennedy.

They intentionally alienated my child from her mother out of spite then openly abused her and I. In short they have been taking turns to abuse my child and I. (List of original charges)

Trampling On Our Human Rights

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