Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ms. Katerina Monkhouse And Mr. Nigel Stock

Ms.Katerina Monkhouse And Mr. Nigel Stock, Practices And Procedures For Safeguarding Children And Families In Local Authority Services, Northamptonshire Social Services.

From April 2013, the responsibility for Public Health will be transferred from the NHS to the county council.

Mr. Nigel Stock is the man I have now come full circle with. There is the group who planned the abduction of my child to hide the failings of the council and then used their powers to keeping my child, without any authority to do so. This is the same man who initially wrote to me stating that the council had failed my family, because we are the victims of racial harassment and then planned to have my child abducted to hide the failing of the local council.  

It is him who instructed for my child to be thrown in bed full of bedbugs to create the right effect; whilst they locked me up in a police cell for 48 hours and they threw me in a psychiatric unit . They are fully aware of the calibre in reference to the foster carers they use. Each foster carer employed has a specific role. They planned this, when they realised they had made a big mistake by taking my child and let the white yobs with social problems be.  Indeed they hate children and it should be them who are sectioned. More about this man later. 

In the meantime,  I will get the sick taste out of my mouth. I have been communicating with this man for a period. The man who sanctioned the abuse of my family.  He has nothing to say in reference to my questions, because there is nothing to say.

Let me now introduce Katerina Monkhouse is the sole proprietor supplying services to the council for foster care children and is also the area manager for the whole of Northamptonshire social services. 

Ms Monkhouse is also the Area Manager for children in care.  Shortly after speaking with Ms Monkhouse informing her of what I did find, I receive an email from her informing me she is now leaving. #Social Worker Miss Laura #Bonner played same stunt too. All she did was move to different department.

Can you understand why when you complain about their service why your complaint goes nowhere, because you are complaining to the service provider, who claims to be independent and is also employed by the council. There is no way they want to pay anybody damages even though they are insured. So when a foster child or a parent does make a complaint, the first thing the council does is to bury the complaint, because this is their business.

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  1. I quote:

    "Their power is derived from the fear they instil via their threats.
    In my 16 Years experience of the "Family Justice System" there has been no change save good Social Workers leave, Either due to pressure from the corrupt amongst their ranks or sheer disgust at the effluence which is rife in their work colleges."

    Paul Burnett, Katerina Monkhouse & Nigel Stock ALL gave me the time of day and then packed their bags, shortly afterwards.