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Northamptonshire Healthcare

Northamptonshire Healthcare
Lynn Harris

UPDATE 19 December 2012

I called this afternoon to speak to Lynn, at a meeting.

Called again later in an appointment. I instructed the admin to advise Lynn that four years ago, the police attended my home to deal with me, as a direct result they beat me up and later threw me in a psychiatric unit. I was there for 22 days. I am discharged without having any mental illness or personality disorders. The CHMT make this clear, they are unable to provide to me any type of service, because I am not on any medication. I have this in writing. Lynn must take my name off the database maintained by Shelia Cox.

I am asked for my number in case Lynn is unclear, but my message is loud and clear. I supply my number and I am informed that my telephone number will not be placed on their database.  The instructions are simple, take my name off the database. Admin informs me Lynn will call if there are any problems. I do not anticipate any problems, but Lynn is free to call me if there are.

 "The matters complained of are within its " ~ European Court of Human Rights, December 2012, letter to Ms Godwell.

UPDATE 17 December 2012

I have just spoken to Lynn Harries.  Called at approximately 09.11, duration in the range of 15 minutes. This lady has sent out a standard letter to all those named on the database maintained by Shelia Cox.  Lynn Harries is unaware as to why my name is on the database maintained by Cox. 

I am also informed that the professionals are not here to act on the behalf of Northampton Borough Council or Northamptonshire County Council. In their professional capacity they are representing the foundation.

We also talked about mental illness and resources to promote the well-being of those who are mentally ill.  Of course, I introduced the race issue, but we both decided that a debate on this subject is not a conducive and begged to differ (I believe a discussion on this is issue is better placed running a focus group), so I dropped the subject. 

My question is what has Shelia Cox been up to within her professional capacity?
I am not sure why she is away, I did not ask for any details, but I am happy she is (I made this fact known). Not all people are as strong as myself. Who does know the untold damage Sheila Cox has caused in peoples lives. For now, no further damage can be caused whilst she is 
Sheila Cox

I  did not say this, but I am writing this now 'good riddance to dead wood'.

Lynn Harries closed her views by apologising for either upsetting me or making me feel insulted that she was insulting me, by send me the letter. I explained for a long time I have had to act as litigant, so no more upset, I have had to learn to push my emotions to one side. I was insulted, but it is me who now does owe her an apology for placing her letter on the internet. I did explain how we advocates do work in the cause of openness. On this issue a negative has turned into a positive.

Lynn Harries is a lady who places the interests of her clients first, she did not want to leave any of the clients in limbo; whilst Cox is away. This has now turned into an advert.

I received the following letter by post this weekend on behalf Northamptonshire Healthcare from a Lynn Harris. The date on this letter is of the most importance. Who is this woman?
Why is she writing to me as a friend, portraying familiarity?

'Disruption to your care' what does Lynn Harris mean by this?

This is what they do every time they smash in my home to place threats on my person.  As usual just before Christmas. This is a regular pattern.  In the past my child's social worker Mr. Perry said at 'least they are making it appear that you under the care of a mental health team, when they smash into your home on a regular basis.'  

We all know what they are attempting to do. Intend IS a criminal offence. I may add, this is how black people in Northamptonshire are treated and has been going on for decades.  Our children are not save. 

I am well versed in their behaviour and have not been studying the law for no reason.

Of the most importance, this is how they are punishing my child and I. Making sure that I get the message, we are not giving you your child back. Obviously this is what is called 'damage limitation', gathering evidence after the fact.

For more about Shelia Cox please visit this page by, clicking on this link, then follow the relevant  link to listen to the audio recording between Northamptonshire Police Force and I.

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