Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Family Court System

Family Court System



The media have helped particular Judges get away with gagging orders, during Care Proceedings; especially those related to Public Law .

A gagging order is only valid for the duration of the case. Once the case is closed the gagging order is no longer valid. If the local council has anything further to state in respect to a gagging order, they must appeal. If the case was heard in the Supreme Court their appeal must be made to the European Court of Human Right.

There is no point going with the injunction route, especially if the parent was threatened in writing with an injunction on 6th November 2009.  Why did they not take it out there and then; whilst we were all in the court room?  Justice Lord Alan Ward stated on 19th January 2010 that the case of Minor G is nothing to do with child protection, it is personal. We all know this and guess what he did about this. At the end of the day Judges and Social Workers are governed by Law and this is the time to remind them.

During the month on November 2008 Social Workers, Northamptonshire County Council reveal within the contents of my child’s J Core Assessment that the council and its affiliates had been going through my telephone bill.  No mention of the fact that Solicitor Mr Chris Bennett had been calling me for well over a year to chat dirty with me. In the meantime I fully aware that Mr Chris Bennett went to see my only child to tell her she is never coming home, in the meantime hands to all of you. You do not snatch a young beautiful black girl child at the tender age of 10 years and think I am going to let you get away with it do you.  It is obvious that certain people decided to exploit my child. They have had their fun.

When they took my child the only mistake they made was that they could  not find anything wrong with my child.  They took my child, because she is black. Then treated her like a dog, Northamptonshire County Council did not take Nichola Sharman’s child or those of Louise Peet . The council wanted the black child.  Child protection is a farce.

Prester Coleman, Solicitor, Northampton, Northamptonshire

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