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Corporate Abuse - Corporate Bullying

Corporate Abuse - Corporate Bullying




When those named above took my child in the manner they did, then openly abused my family.  All this was done in public.This fact alone reveals that they have no interest in working with me. They took my child and as His Honour Judge Waine put it 'I cannot believe you are still standing and when will you go away?'
In simple English, no can do!

When the council and their mates have your child the word co-operation is purely academic.  They have NO interest working with you. Your child is a number; which guareentees their jobs. This is why they will do anything to make parents kill themselves or runaway. In the meantime, they start brain-washing your child with false reporting, so your child will then go around telling people my parent/s are unable to care for me, or is mentally ill and is always in and out of hospital. 

Do not waste your time doing what they tell you to do; whilst protecting their jobs.  Even interational law makes this clear, parents not co-operating with those named above, is not a good enough reason to retain a child in care.  They are fully aware of this.

Imagine your child as kidnapped, you have done all the captures have requested that you should do and your child is still not returned. You child's captures will be your enemy, as you are their own.

By first sectioning me, placing my child in care and then openly abusing us, the council were hoping that I would kill myself, like any other parent woul have. This is why Coleman kept on going on about me not killing myself. Coleman was putting the thought into my mind, this is what he was all about, to make me run away or better still for me to take my own life.  Yes, the man put this in writing! It is all about the psychology.

Also everytime those named within the contents of the title to this post smashed into my home they would use the same word, KILL.

My advise to many parents is this ....
Follow all my blogs and those of many others, in the last four years many blogs are being produced to help people like us. When I started out there was not much on offer, things have changed. Start learning about your rights.  As soon as your child learns to string words together teach them about their rights, do not let anyone else do this for you, because they will not. Once your child is taken from you, your child will be abused in ways you never could imagine, by the people who should be protecting your child. What an insult, excuse me I mean this is child protection.

They can turn up at your door and part your family just like that. Once this is done the plan is to break you, the will attempt to brush accountability under the carpet. Ever wonder why parents who molest their children etc get away witth it until the child dies or is dragged up to such an extent when they speak English, you do wonder whatever happened to free education?
It is not the system, it is the parenting and social services do not like those who parent. They like the ones who do not, because it brings in the dollars.

I am telling you now, once social services take your child the aim is NOT to keep you all together, it will do everything in it's power to harm you and your child  to get the results they seek.   I want you to imagine your child in a room being openly abused by strangers, you can see exactly what they are doing, but you are prevented from entering the room. This is the only way I can describe care proceedings.

The whole point of having a family lawyer is so the council cannot get away with talking bad about you in Court.  At the first hearing if they do talk badly of you and there is slience coming from your end sack the solicitor ASAP. Make a complaint in writng and fax it and kiss your legal aid goodbye. Your child's safety is more important, fight for your family. My mistake was walking alongside the so-called local authority. The trauma of what they did to me, then my child did affect me, I trusted the very people who used their positions to abuse us. That was then, this now. Trust is earned.

Focus on your Court cases no matter what they do to you. Remember, their aim is for you to runaway or kill yourself and this is NOT what you are going to do. When that plan backfires they will use you and your home like a dustbin, so the general public can join in with the abuse of you. This is what will happen to you.

Four years on and I did not have my child back. This means they are still abusing us.  Working in partnership together is not on the menu.

When the smashing of windows did not break me, so they can gather the evidence and write we told you so, they started smashing into my home making it quite clear if I do not do what they say they will section me. They did to me for the community to observe.

When I get my child back, I will carry their flag and say how great they are.  Until then, this is not going to happen.  Even if Elvis rose from the dead to bring about order to this mess, I will tell him come back when you have my child in tow.  I did not come to Northampton town to act in a real life version of Roots.

When I was in the psychiatric unit many patients opened up to me when they accepted that I was not a plant.  I also manged to get a pen knife onto the unit. I had the pen knife for week before they found out it. I took the pen knife out to cut the African thread from my child's hair after I had redone her hair.   You should have seen the psychiatrists, fright is not the word. All they said to me is this: "That there are people here who are really mentally ill and if they found the pen-knife ..." They could not finish off the sentence.
All I am stating is this: In my famly's case there is an assumption of what if?
Ngozi Godwell got into a psychiatric unit with a pen knife; whilst they were all looking the other way.  If I was any other person 1. I would have gone on a murdering spree within the psychiatric unit or 2. Left the pen-knife about so a patient who is really mentally ill could have done the job for me.

It was the social worker Marie Sheard who alerted the hospital.  When contact was taking place at social services I pulled the pen-knife from my back pocket slowly, the social worker froze. Behind the two-way mirror mayhem must have broken out. The only person who did not blink was my child, because she knew that all I was going to do was cut off the thread from her hair.

From the start of this farce, there has been mistake upon mistake. I do not need or want the help of these people, not before they return my child to me. There are better and more intelligence forms of help I can get elsewhere. Do I need to write that going near these people; whilst they still have my child is placing myself at risk?
The very same people who run away from the European Court of Human Rights and decided to administer their own form of justice.

After reading the  above letter, if you do not know already, they knew they made a mistake when they took my child. Hence the sectioning is so that I do not claim any damages.  All those party to my detention in the psychiatric unit are party to the crimes against my family. Of the most importance, anyone putting pen to paper in an attempt to help the above named institiuations bury the abuses of my family to make others look good, are also party to the crimes.  There is no point stating "I did not know." 

If they had let me walk when it was apparent that there  is nothing wrong with me. I would have gone for my child within 72 hours and they would have not had a legal leg to stand on. This why I was sectioned after spending 12 hours in a police cell, they could not find anything wrong with my child, as they had hoped. So they picked on me.  One black woman and a child amongst a very big gang. This is what they call child protection.

I must point out that His Honour Judge Waine did read ALL the correspondence between Mr Prester Coleman and I. This judge had his eyes wide open.

Mr Sean Carter and Mr Michael Alderman informed me, we do not care how long it takes. Meaning for me to crack. They need to jog on, the fact that I did not crack after a year and a half means, this is never going to happen. Let us now see who will lose their job first, there is a long list of names to play with.  My name may not come up when jobs are being lost, but who cares?
As long as they do not use their positions of authority to harm others as they are doing to my family.  I do wonder how many children have died; whilst placed on the child protection list in the last four years. I am aware of two children in Northampton and I bet there is more. 

This is amazing, they leave the yobs with their dysfunctional families and they pick on one black woman and her only child. If this is not racism, what is?
They abuse us like complete dogs; whilst bending over for the yobs and their parents. In four years some of the yobs have gone to prison for other offences or have had their own children and still are unable to read or write. By the way almost all the yobs are now labelled with ADHD, another insult to good parents who work hard to support their children. 

The population of Northampton may have people of different cultures living there, but this does not make a cultural diverse population.

Direct discrimination is an important issue. My niece refused to relocate with her job to this part of the country, rendering herself unemployed. She made it clear that she would rather stay in London and use her masters degree to find another job, because as far as she is concerned people like her NEVER relocate here the reason being, is you just have to  look at all they have done to me and you will understand that black intelligent women never ever come here to live unless with a white man . There are 1000's with the same view. They are correct! All those academics and scholars who have written about racism in particular parts of rural Britain, are not messing about. The mistake I made was thinking that they were writing about the 1950's and 1960's.  I made one fatal error I believed in justice 


Me now.

Inhumane Treatment.

Involuntary Commitment
Each year, approximately one and a half million people are taken to psychiatric institutions against their will. That averages out to one person every 75 seconds. Often, there is no reasonable justification for committing a person.

Corporate Abuse - Corporate Bullying

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