Thursday, 31 May 2012

Take A Break With Northampton County Court

Take A Break With Northampton County Court

Lets us take a break and go back to the time my child was taken, starting with Mr Prester Coleman Solicitor. The dark horse of family law. The man who took money to retain my child in care and did not have the nerve to attend court to face my claim and defend himself.

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The fact that Mr Coleman did not turn up to Court the first time, showed his guilt and when I appealed, this solicitor shut shop and run away; this very action spoke volumes.

Prester Coleman, Northampton, Northamptonshire


Note when Northampton Court really wants to receive something this is how they do send it. When they do not they leave the document on file and send it whenever.

My Mr Michael Ellis MP should now be on their case once a week until they get it sorted, by returning my child. On 23rd December when they forced into my home, yet again with the police they stated that one of the complainants is Mr Michael Ellis citing, because of an email. They made is clear that no one has viewed the said email.

The issue is 'evidence' with no supporting evidence apart fro the words of people who have done my family wrong, my child and I continue to be abused in this way.

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