Sunday, 12 October 2014

Northamptonshire Police Force And Experts In Secret Courts

Northamptonshire Police Force And Experts In Secret Courts

Are you aware that many parents on this facebook who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder have been done so, by a corrupt court process, that is at loss as what to do. Does a personality disorder justify taking children from parents, who should not have had their children taken from them in the first place?

Just to cover up the mistakes of local authorities. Normally classified by an Independent Expert who is paid loads to give the local authority what they want.
Psychiatric units are there for a reason.... if you have been accessed by National Health Service by top Psychiatrics in their field, and you leave the hospital without a disorder. Do not be forced to go down this route of another independent assessment, this is known as blackmail by the local authority and if you have an excellent solicitor or barrister, they will put a stop to this form of blackmail.

We should be campaigning to stop this form of abuse in the court process, which is usually instigated by a corrupt CAFCASS reprehensive, who really should be independent of the local authorities, who I may add use the same expert time and time again, in their family court cases.

* DFA Law, Northampton, Northamptonshire United Kingdom:

* Mother Cleared of Child Cruelty (Chronicle & Echo, 12 December 2009):

To all those who did us wrong, may what you did come back on you. When you have forgotten about me may you and your family for years to come, reap what you did sow. 

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