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Northamptonshire Police - How to complain


    Call 101 - non emergencies & enquiries ... You can complain in person at your local station or any other station within Northamptonshire Police. A police officer ...

     101 is not 999. 101 calls are charged at a premium rate at 15p per minute. 

On 6th December 2012 the European Court of Human Rights did write to me, informing me 'the matters I do complain of are within their competence', but under Article 2, I have not exhausted all legal remedies. They will be keeping my file for a year. 

The response by the local establishment was to smash into my home, labelling this a welfare check and placing threats on my person.  The rest is history, you can read the blog, I am not going to waste my time looking backward. Other local bodies, namely London Borough of Waltham Forest, do not go about conducting their business in this manner.

ECHR declares all business Public and Private in the given geographical area are defined as the local authority. Courts are included too. The title of my complaint is, Northamptonshire Local Authority. When all legal remedies are exhausted the complaint falls under your country, in this instance, the United Kingdom.

Court Cases and Northamptonshire Police Force Investigations

From this date on 1st January 2014
My Hourly Rate - £195.00

Updates on a regular basis

All I need to do is say boo to a cat and the police will come and arrest me. This has been happening for almost one decade.

1. Northamptonshire Police Station

2. Northamptonshire Police Station

3. Northamptonshire Police Station - Bailed on 10th May 2013

(a) Northampton Magistrates' Court 27th November 2013

(b) Northampton Magistrates' Court 

(c) Northampton Magistrates' Court bailed to appear  @ Corby Magistrates' Court

4. Northampton County Court, Family Section, 29th November 2013 - Directions Hearing

       (a) Appeal filed/ Part of the order

5. Wellingborough Magistrates' Court

"It is very DANGEROUS for Government to SPY on its own citizens and gather 'communications' in its databases as Government operates in a Different Language than its citizens and WHY we have the Right to Remain SILENT as everything we SAY can and WILL be 'used' ..rather turned, twisted and flipped against us…as OUR words have different meanings in the language of Government legalese SLEAZE…and if government Wants to SILENCE your words, it will use your words against you in their government run courts."

Deborah Barclay, December 26 2013

My timeline is to begin, from the 29th November 2013, but is for the New Year. 

My child and I have been in custody ever since

Today, 29th December 2013 a woman came to visit me. She asked me, why I believe that my home is not being bugged?
Who says that I am interested?

Look, within the contents of the J Core Assessment social services disclose they had gone through my telephone bills, of course this would have gone to the police for authorisation. Also when, my child was with me and the police kept on arresting me to place me in police custody they would have access to my front door key, a key made available for them to copy. Many a time my home would be empty; whilst my child and I went on our travels. Do I care!

Anyway, if my home is being bugged they would have heard me fighting for my life on the night of my attempted murder..... Not one person came to rescue me on that fateful night and observe what has been done to me by the police ever since. 


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