Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Let's Start What We Formulated This Blog To Do

Let's Start What We Formulated This Blog To Do 
Northamptonshire Police Force

In reference to Northamptonshire social services, it is not I who is unclear or unfocused it is them.  As they realise the corruption has crumbled around them and they do not know what to say or do. 

The only form of control they have over me is my child. My child is a political prisoner. This is what social services refer to as children in need. 

Below is the copy of the original email. I did not write the word 'complaint' in the subject box. Now read the police response again, I am missing something right?
What about the other issues I do present within the contents of the email?

Dear Sir/Madam

I am dropping an email to request the details of the woman who this evening told me on behalf of your force to get out and go back to East London. 

I have no problem with this, just give me back my child and I will gladly do so.
I do require the details of the woman in question immediately. 

The worst public body in the country, I said and wrote this for years.

I have asked you to investigate Mr X and nursery. I asked you to investigate the injuries my child received in the care of the council. I have laid a complaint to the police about a judge and  misconduct. Let me not mention my attempted murder (I was asleep on my settee and people in neighbourhood, who I had not seen for days smashed into my home with an axe), which you knew about before it took place and when the crime did take place observe what the force did do about this. You do not need to pay for an advert stating 'you do not like black people'.

You treat my child, my family and most importantly me with hate and then say you are helping us. What an insult.  I have read and heard that this is how you do treat black people in these parts. Recorded by academics and scholars and I am living it.

Furthermore, sometime ago you also said that you will block my telephone. Do so, because I construe this as a direct threat, one of many coming from the force. Phoning you for help is a waste of time anyway, because you just join in with the crime.

Your force cannot be trusted  and is the worst in the country. Furthermore your town is the worst place I have ever lived in Nigeria is 10 times better at least they know what humanity means and practice this, where and when they can. 

Before you respond go there and live, I will type give me back my child, the child you wrote racist comments about and dumped in Daventry, the town black Northamptonians refuse to live in and it is not rocket science as to why.  

In the meantime, please advice CID the case they referred to London. they are to inform the MET I am walking away from it, because I am following the instruction of your team. You all keep saying I do not listen, a bit rich coming from my abusers, but I will listen. 

Give me my child back and I will go back to London, then I will continue working with the police.  

Northamptonshire police who spent millions attempting to bury the corruption as to what they did to my family and to cover their failings. Again what a waste of time all that was, because you are global and labelled the worst force in the country, again.

You all pray nothing further happens to my child, because of course globally we will say that Northamptonshire police force did so out of spite, because the force is racist..

In a the way of a reminder ....

Thanking you for your time. 

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