Monday, 2 July 2012

Trial By Jury

Trial By Jury

Please note the black lines. My child’s name and the pet name I call her. All for everyone to read, by placing her pet name also this was being made out to be personal.  This is the last time I am blackening out my child’s name from the contents of their own documentation. I am not party to all of this, especially my attempted murder.

My Barrister insisted that it was the 8th October 2008 they came to my home. Not on the 9th as stated within the documentation.  He was my barrister, who fought for me in every way. I believed I was in the cell for 12 hours, but how do I know?
I was banged up I went in there when it was daylight and came out when it was light. I was frightened I did not know where my child was. I was powerless.
I was eventually charged on the 13th March 2009 based on no evidence.
In the end Northampton Magistrates’ Court discharged my solicitor and I then entered my plea and made a request for trial by jury. This was granted, the case was transferred to Northampton Crown Court. Then I went to London, my hometown and place of birth to find a solicitor.   

Corporate Abuse - Corporate Bullying.


By smashing into my home on a regular basis the local establishments were giving the local community permission to do the same thing. But the last thing they expected is that murder was on their mind.

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