Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Experts And Child Care Proceedings

Experts And Child Care Proceedings 

Within The Family Court Arena Just Do Not Mix

Experts and child care proceedings within the family court arena just do not mix. Experts are financial motivated. Statistics are not needed to prove this fact.

Our case is to do with litigation.

In reference to the delays and the Court proceedings, the delays are quite frankly this: No evidence.

When trained and qualified professionals state that they "do not know", they are being fictitious in their reporting, because they .
trained and qualified professionals

In short if these so-called professional persist with the 'I do not know' approach they need to get out of the job and let someone who is competent enough to know what they are doing take over the role. 

The so-called I do not know, I am confused, I am mistaken or I am unclear approach by some  professionals who are highly paid destroys the lives of children and their family. When they are not sacked this type of behaviour leads to corruption; which of course is intent.

Mrs Shirley Burrows told me today my child has a good working relationship with her male social worker. I ask how?

I hope you all do understand that what they are doing is this attempting to hide what they have done to my child.  When they have exhausted all forms of threats and intimidation in respect to myself they will harm my child by taking her own life or turning my child into a mental mess. I am not going to let this happen. The child care protection unit  in Northamptonshire maybe one of the biggest scams in this country. 

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Experts And Child Care Proceedings 

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