Thursday, 2 April 2015

LGSS Directorate of Law & Governance

Rachael Campbell 
Principal Paralegal 
Northamptonshire County Council 
Floor 1 John Dryden House 
The Lakes 
Northampton NN4 7YD 

Telephone: 01604 366773 
Fax: 01604 367167 
LGSS – By public sector for public sector

Obviously the council is not happy about this video.
What I do find is that the video this Public Servant does refer to:

  1. Could not have been filmed as specified within the contents of her letter, because the day referred to, is a Saturday and the council is closed.
  2. The video is filmed when I came from Wellingborough Salvation Army, which for sure was not March.
The conclusion is that the council is cheesed off about the video
Who cares ...
By the way is that not bullying behaviour?
The last thing they do want is Channel4 turning up to film every two minutes unannounced.
Some do view me as Channel4.

Anyway I do appear to be moving up in the world.
I should view my banning from the council as a really good thing.
I am banned for audio / video recording. 
Not threatening, violent et cetera behaviour.

One must focus on the positive.

Northampton Borough Council -Security Asking Me To leave

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