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My Statement

Ngai-Leslie Scott, "yes, that's what's up!

Article 3: Prohibit of Torture (1998)

If I understand correctly, then officers from this force were involved in the removal of your daughter into protected care. Northamptonshire Police will refute any allegation of collusion and that the issues surrounding your daughter have gone through the due legal process."
~ Date 23-JUN-13, Det Constable 505 Otis Goldsmith, Command Support Team Officer|
~ Date 23-JUN-13, Det Constable 505 Otis Goldsmith, Command Support Team Officer|

So there you do have it. That is what my family matter was about. Nothing to do with my child. All falls into place, now. As His Honour Judge Rumbelow did state on 14th May 2014 .Your child has accepted that she is never coming back to you, and you refuse to accept this.

Written when my child was fourteen. As usual I was not present when my child decided to write her card; which she delivered to me by hand. 
I did ask the Judge what did change?
 I receive no response.

This blog is now officially closed.
Here it all is, their own documents, telling the story how it is, not how they choose to tell it. Commonly referred to as real journalism. The whole point of a gagging order is to prevent inaccurate reporting. This blog is so real, it is visual as if you are watching a film. I did not sign any piece of paper stating that I will not upload their own documentation to reveal their own wrong doing. I did not enter into any contract with them.

Of course the story is not over. The end will only occur when I am happy with the ending.. You have heard the saying, 'it is not over until the fat lady sings'?

It *may* start as genuine errors, but soon turns into a cover-up, because top people look away.


Northamptonshire County Council   Applicant


Ngosi Angeline Godwell (1) First Respondent


[My child's name] Godwell (2) Second Respondent

Not a typing error, when I brought the issue up in Court ALL remained silent and to prove the point when the Judge made another order he instructed the local body to sign the committal application and nothing else. They do just that using a processor to serve me.  What I do not understand, normally a coverup occurs before exposure, in this case they are exposed, so why all this: whilst using millions of taxpayers money to do so and they still get paid? Unless it, is because my child and I are black and they really do hate us. Now is my child's informative years and they ALL are aware of this fact.

Ngozi Godwell EXHIBIT 1 - Committal to prison 07/05/2014

EXHIBIT 2 - Committal to prison 07/05/2014
Here is my child running along the street. I am her mother and I am running being her, chasing my child! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, my child has clothes on!

Northampton County Court Family Proceedings EXHIBIT 3 - Committal to ‪#‎prison‬ 07/05/2014 
The difference between I and the general population of Northamptonshire is that they have never lived anywhere else. Northampton is all they know. This is the only place the know, nothing else. I have lived in other countries and I am bred, raised in London. @NgoziGodwell 
The Perpetrators. EXHIBIT 4 - Committal to ‪#‎prison‬07/05/2014
 Northamptonshire Police Force Condemned For The Way A Frantic 999 call from a Petrified Teenager

Within the contents of his judgment HHJ Anthony Rumbelow did write that my child's father is Chinese, why and what has that got to do with anything?

Is this to do with the above article, using race and personal ties as an excuse to force me to remove the article from the internet. Have the local body approached other mainstream outlets to remove any reference to murder of the Chinese family?

I will ask again, this time publicly, what has Dr Bala Mahendra (Barrister) got to do with this? 
What right did he have to make reference to my child?Of the prime importance, Who is he?
This man is not affiliated to the NHS under the Mental Health Act. 
Did family court expert Dr B Mahendra commit suicide? 

This woman knows what she is talking about.

Be happy, stay strong and bye bye!
Thank you all for reading my blog.
Copyright Godwell 2014

There is a disclaimer already attached to this blog.
I did not give Northamptonshire local body permission to print off my blog and share with 3rd Parties without my prior consent.

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  1. Northamptonshire is full of corruption, some karma coming their way. Peace and blessings to you Ngozi.