Sunday, 6 April 2014

Trial of Ngozi Angeline Godwell at Wellingborough Magistrates' Court

Case number: 341300176968 Trial of Ngozi Angeline Godwell at Wellingborough Magistrates' Court on Thursday 10th April 2014  at 2.15pm in Courtroom 1 

Plus Other Updates Relating To ALL The Cases Brought Against Me By Northamptonshire Police Force.

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Northamptonshire Local Body had a genius on their doorstep,  because of their race hate, they could not even see this. I came to their town and they could not even see what had landed, all they saw is BLACK.   

Page last updated on Wednesday 16th April 2014.

Northampton Magistrates' Court on Thursday 27th February 2014
(a) the police bring the cases, to Court, citing I am a minor and for this reason an appropriate adult had to sign for the charges and my bail conditions, 

(b) clerk/advisor informs the bench that this is a typing error. How does he know?

(c) clerk/advisor is NOT there to defend to the police or interject during the hearing to start asking the defendant questions that is the job of the bench,

(d) bench confirm, with clerk/advisor hearing is NOT being recorded and last week the court confirmed that this is accurate,

(e) thereafter all begin screaming that I, the defendant must enter a plea,

(f) I am taken down to the cells for not entering a plea

(g) not law and is not written into the constitution that defendant must enter a plea.
(h) bench state that they are not interested in the fact that the witnesses for the police were in my home trying to kill me, exact words are 'I do not care'. 

The real timeline. The Virtual Assistant Keeping Track. As CPS Drop and Restart Cases. Change the Details by Copying and Pasting Old Charges To New. 

From 7th April Updates

There is never any evidence in support of their claims only hearsay from my abusers. Please do not be shocked I am so well used to this form of treatment.  


On 27th February 2014 I did refuse to enter a plea. I was asked to say 'yes or no'.  One must not say the words 'no' or 'but', I remained silent. Then the bench threw me in the cells, demanding that I enter a plea or they will send me to prison. That matter is nothing to do with he hearing on the 10th. There is no law stating that I must enter a plea. I will like to remind you that the legal Advisor to the Magistrates' Courts who is also named in this blog, the one who signed my child away, because as she put it I did place her name on a website, is profiled in blog. Detailing exactly, what she did to me, with the supporting documents. This woman, a Miss Perez has been the advisor in many of the Court Hearings, even though there is a direct conflict of interest. If you use the search and type 'Prester Coleman' or anything to do with 'allegations', you will find her. This year Solicitor Chris Bennett has also screamed at me, take my name off the website, I am unable to. I am now amongst the wolves, this is it, they have me. Like vultures who have finally caught their pray. They use and abuse me, then expect me to remain silent.

On 27th February after bringing me up from the cells, the bench informed me that they are not interested in my attempted murder and the key witnesses were all in my home at the time of the event. 

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From 7th April Updates

List of cases


There was never any evidence in the first place, but they still dragged me back and forth from police to the Court. Did the Bench and Judge not listen to me?
Obviously not? 

Today's hearing

Social Worker Maxine Clark of Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, England

There is no other way to put this, apart from telling it how it is. 
No black  child is safe around those people. That is the world of Northamptonshire social services. 

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