Wednesday, 25 April 2012

When Police And Prosecutors Knowingly Break Laws

By the way the solicitors Carter Slater & Co have now gone underground. Northamptonshire police force instructed this firm to act for me when they locked me up in the the police cell.  Eventually they did nothing in support of the fact that my child and I ARE the victims. Mr Chris Bennett Solicitor and Mr Paul Carter claim to have given me £3,000.00 worth of free legal advice. Why free and how come I did not get legal aid and was refused access to a duty solicitor, before my hearing?

I was placed in a police cell for 12 hours after the first time the police stormed my home and beat me up.  I recall a white man coming into my cell and looking down at me as I lay on the bed. This is all he said:

“Ms Godwell we are now going to promote your human rights”.

 At 12 midnight a police woman collected me on her own and drove me to a psychiatric unit to have me sectioned.

Nicola Sharman
The woman in the article is Nicola Sharman. At the time Sharman was living with her sister's ex boyfriend. This boyfriend had broken her sister’s leg, pushed her out of a moving car and raped her.  The list is endless.  In short Nicola's sister had a mental breakdown and was sectioned for real. When Nicola was still married, she has an affair with her sister's ex boyfriend. She dumps her husband and moves her new beau into her home,  Wait for it, to live with her and a minor.  Her sister did not put up a fight.  
How do I know all this you may ask. Sharman's sister (they do not share the same surname) approached me and gave me her address. Stating that I must inform my legal team and she will be willing to testify in Court.

Police attend Nicola Sharman's home on a regular basis, because of domestic violence. The domestic violence is coming from within the home; whilst my own is coming from outside my home.  Guess which child was taken into care ?
It was not the child belonging to Nicola Sharman!

Since reading this blog I do hope you all have come to understand that since my child's abduction the Council  and its affiliates rotate the abuse it bestows on my child and I.  When they are not busy abusing me, they move on to my child.  You do not smash into my home on a regular basis and then state you are concerned about my well-being. They have also done some other nasty things to me, smashing my window is just the start of this.  The first windows smash took place a few days before the final hearing.  My windows  only, the whole street was fine. I was targeted.  Northampton Borough Council boarded up my windows and left me in darkness for over a month.  Sharman and her lovers smash their own windows give it 7 days and the repairs take place.
It is it, because I is Black?

They all are threatening me and making it clear if I do not do what they say they will section me, just because they could not break me!

I turned to my child and said I know they have done some bad things to you and she then threw herself into my arms. I told her they have done some bad things to me and we both sat in silence for a brief period.  The people I am dealing with are nasty they will do anything even pay to cause us harm and of the most importance there are some people who will sale their own grandmothers to purchase a new car at the expense of my child’s wellbeing. One day I will help my child heal. In the meantime last week in my home I  advised Northamptonshire County Council they have had their fun and they are NOT going to EVER smash into my home in the guise of promoting my wellbeing. What an insult! This is how they help people, beat them up remove their child, abuse the family; whilst calling them racists names and refer to MY CHILD as a dog.  So be it.
As I have stated they have had their fun and now the bell has rung!

Some of the so-called professionals are worse than the yobs and this is child protection..

The tax payer is forking out millions, believing that their money is helping vulnerable children, This is far from the truth.   When it happens to you what will you do?

Society and Culture.

Do you believe the page Family Court System is offending?

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