Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone
No Easy Victories

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you know your rights or not because corruption is the almighty ~ Felicita Luna

I have just thought of all those great African leaders who spent many years in prison. Some left prison and went into exile for a period. Some spent short periods in exile; whist others spent many years in exile. 

Now, I really do appreciate the quote many white men in Northampton told me years ago - 
"They have treated you worse than a black man." 

In reference to ‎#Northamptonshire County Council it will soon be 5 years my child and I have been kept in separate prisons. Every so often the local establishment would drop by to abuse me in an attempt to brain wash me, so I will say 'yes master'.

I may have swallowed my pride, but I am unable and refuse to forgive them for what they have done.

All I will do is accept what they have done, not to be a dream and move on.
I am British by birth and experience. Yet, the council only sees my black skin and calls me illegal alien and places me in a box marked downtrodden species.

I am a shining star ...

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